18 comrades joined YHC on a tour of new territory. Lots of familiar faces rolled into the AO right on time, but FNGs were no where to be found. Shovel flag, check. Awkward fist bump handshakes, check. Current site Qs Woody and PigPen, check. Old site Qs Dingo, Mayhem, Costco, YHC, check. The spirit of DP founder and F3 expat Johnny Utah, check. Mumble chatter-in-laws Epoxy and Mr. Rogers, check. Kotters Soul Glow and Tounge & Groove, check. Wilson with a thick, knit toboggan on an exceptionally mild morning, check. Time 0530, checkmate. It was great to be back in the surf at Dawn Patrol.

Warm Up
Run the crowd around the lot w/ a little backwards action, and circle up for:
5 Burpees OYO, SHS x20
5 Burpees for Costco, Good Mornings x15
5 Burpees OYO, Imperial Walkers x15
5 Burpees for Bull Horn (glad you could join us)
Recover on the run, down to and weaving thru the new playground apparatus

The Thang
Partner up.
P1 runs loop around playground, with Dips x10 at the shelter and Bear Crawl down the steps.
P2 does AMRAP Pull-Ups on the swings, w/ Prisoner Squats x10 as recovery between sets of Pull-Ups. Swirkins if you run out of Pull-Up gas.
We were going 3 rounds, but a communication breakdown cut this Thang short. More on that latter.

The New Court
Circle up on the circular ball court for a little mid-workout Mary
Russian Hammers x20, Flutter Kicks x15, grab a rock
Russian Rock Hammers x15, Dying Cockroackes x15
Rock Hammers x15, and some more stuff that YHC simply no longer remembers.

The Old Field
Run down the new path to the old, now goal-less soccer field, and line up on the end line for:
11s w/ Hand-Release Merkins & Star Jumps
People’s Chair when done, with some distractions including a Russian March which quickly earned negative points on the defunct Myrtle Meter.

Home Base
Yog up to the old normal basketball courts, line up on the end line and partner back up for:
Suicides w/ AMRAP Merkins
Again w/ LBCs
And, for a finisher, with Burpees (for Epoxy)

Thankful for each and every one of you men who push me each day, hold me accountable and make working out a social sport.
Spin Class took us out with, you know, class.

I would take the blame for the Communication Breakdown on the partner set. But really, it was Epoxy. And Costco, who pulled an Elvis while I was giving instructions for the Thang, and then slipped back into the Pax acting like he knew what was going on when clearly he didn’t. These two are to blame. Not YHC. That is all.