We found ourselves arriving early doing a lot of talking as the extra credit guys arrived and then we realized it was 7 o’clock and there were no FNGs so we were off without any announcements. Grab a 5 gallon bucket and let’s head down to the lake. Warm-up with SSH  Mountain climbers, low plank hold, calf stretches, another low plank hold, midpoint hold, windmills, and hillbillies.

Grab your bucket and let’s mosey over to the boat ramp filling the buckets. Four groups going around the parking lot, man with a bucket is lunge walking while the remaining pax bear crawl, crawl bear, crabwalk, gorilla walk, etc. Water spilled below the marked line results in 25 Burpee’s

Mosey to the picnic tables for a bucket brigade passing around buckets. Nothing more will be said here as this was a total failure Callahan looking forward to you chiming in on this one.

Mosey to Hill-and-dale for several rounds of tunnel of love and then pass the reins over to Hermes

Set of nine’s to the top of the hill starting with backward run, Merkens at the top, diamond Merkins at the bottom

Mosey to the parking lot for several rounds of calf raises on the curb and then circle up for Mary speed round: Obliques Freddie mercury heels to heaven dying cockroach V-ups Merkins Sarkozy and Putins WWII. Box cutter M bug and one more

Silent prayers were made and then praises for all the fathers, soon to be father’s, our fathers, and THE Father.  Announcements. T-shirt sales close tomorrow. Hermes took us out

Great VQ Hermes
As for protecting, the bucket brigade was a failure. And though I am sure the men could easily douse a fire, that part of the workout was not so successful. However, Hermes is a natural as Q. We did strike good after all
Always the best part of waking up is F3 in your face