Many questions have been asked about F3 Dads, and I’m hopeful this pre-blast will answer most of them.

What is F3 Dads?             The main purpose of F3 Dads is to introduce our kids to the idea that exercise is important, or reinforce that point for those kids that are already active.  We want them to know that exercise can be fun, and that exercising with your peers is particularly rewarding.  We also want the kids to understand that we should be thankful we have bodies that are healthy enough to exercise.

When and where is it?  First workout will be Saturday, March 22 at 9:30am.  Fletcher Park.  We want the PAX to be able to get to their preferred Saturday workout, enjoy coffeteria and then move along to F3 Dads.  For the first workout, plan to meet at 9:15 so that we can get going at 9:30 sharp.

How often will there be an F3 Dads workout?   The thought right now is that this will be once a month thru June.  We can re-assess whether that is the right frequency once we have had a few workouts.

What is the format?       The exact format is still a work in progress.  We anticipate having two groups.  The first group will be for kids that are just getting used to exercise, irrespective of age.  This group will probably have a 30 minute workout with a primary emphasis on having a lot of fun.  We will incorporate some “beginner” exercises (i.e. no burpees or Jacob’s Ladder) and the counts will be very low.  The second group will be for kids that are ready for a more advanced exercise routine, likely a watered down version of a normal F3 workout.  It will go for 45 minutes.

Is it for boys only?           No.  F3 Dads is for boys and girls.

Is there an age limit?     There is not a specific age limit.  We anticipate that kids will be around 6 on the youngest end, and 14-15 on the older end.  We trust the PAX to know when their child is ready.  We would rather be inclusive than tell a 5 year old he/she can’t participate because of an age limit.

Can we drop our kid off and then run errands?    For various reasons, we would prefer that you or your M stay the entire time.   The F3 disclaimer certainly applies for the F3 Dads workout and we want Mom and/or Dad around if anything unexpected occurs.

What can I do?                  First, please let me or Maize know if you have a kid or kids that are planning to come, and the age(s) of your kid(s).  This will help us coordinate the first workout.  Please also plan to be an active part of the workout, especially where the less advanced kids are concerned.  We will need plenty of assistance as the kids get used to some of the F3 exercises and they will have more fun with a group of dads out there, not just one Q, no matter how tall and good looking he may be.

Will the kids get nicknames?     No, but we will finish with a COT.  Kids will be asked to share their name, age and perhaps tell us their favorite exercise, or where they go to school, etc.

If there are other questions, please sound off below or send me an email.