On the morning after the first Presidential Debate, 14 men entered the gloom looking for answers. They ended up getting bags of sand, which they lugged around with no purpose other than to help set up one of the better tweets (based on likes and retweets) of YHC’s short, non-political Twitter career. Some got grit in their teeth (and on their shoulders and in their hair). All got stronger from the effort and decided that no matter what happens in November’s elections, True Grit will always be better than the Forge. Here’s what we made Ron Mexico pay for:

Swift run up and over dam and back down to the lot, circle up
Plank Jacks x15
Windmills x15
Mtn Climbers x15
Good Mornings x15
Partner up and grab a sandbag from the Mysyery Machine
All bags are roughly 33lbs, minus any leakage (which is very minimal)

Burpee Bag Chase
P1 does 5 Burpees, P2 jogs w/ bag, chase & flap – back up, across dam to the big field

Partner Bag Work
R1:  P1 runs to bars x5 Pull-Ups, P2 AMRAP 15 Cleans, 15 Presses & 15 Squats, Flap
R2:  P1 runs to bridge x5 Derkins, P2 AMRAP 15 Curls, 15 Triceps & 15 Ruh-Rows, Flap
R3:  P1 runs across field x15 Monkey Humpers, P2 AMRAP Bag Burpees w/ Press, Flap
R4:  P1 runs loop up to dam x15 Monkey Humpers, P2 AMRAP Bag Bupees w/ Press, Flap
R5:  P1 runs across field x15 Monkey Humpers, P2 AMRAP Curls, Flap

LBC Bag Chase
P1 does 10 LBCs, P2 jogs w/ bag, chase & flap – back across dam, down to the lot

Mary w/ Sandy Friend
Partners take turn w/ bag as noted:
Squats x15, bag flap, repeat
Merkins alt hand on bag x15, bag flap, repeat
WWIIs x15, no bags
American Hammers x15, no bags
Dying Roaches x15, no bags
Homer to Marge x15, bag flap, repeat
Run Lap around the lot, no bags
Freddy Mercuries x25, no bags

– Pig-Pickin’ Oct 22nd
– Haven House & The Arena both need you
– Christmas Party details in the works
– Prayers for Villa and M Villa as they expect 2.0 numero uno
– Goobs lifted us up and took us out

– Epoxy is always 10 minutes early. I don’t care what’s going on, leading or not, you can always count on him to arrive early. Hopefully this isn’t a problem when he’s with the M.. I digress.
– Great to have Villa still out in the gloom, knowing that his world is getting ready to flip upside… but in a good way. Get these workouts in while you can.
– I always feel a sense of accomplishment when Maize shows up for one of my Qs. Not sure why. Maybe because he has is portrait on the wall of some fancy place in Charlotte. Is that the women’s room? The men’s room? Some place more gender neutral? And we’re back to politics.
– I had more, but that’s what taking a week to finish this does. My memory is for shit. Maybe someone will read this and leave a comment with more grit from this day. I won’t hold my breath. Slackers.

As always, a pleasure,