Warm up

Feet moving and some agility work through the ladder ~5 min

The Thang

PAX adopted a pet rock from Double D’s truck.  Since there was an FNG,  QIC made good on his promise to use the “kilo” (50 lb sandbag wrapped in duct tape)

First up was a mosey with an Indian run mixed in. PAX picked up their new pets and a moderate pace was set and continued until everyone had gone through the rotation.

Next PAX brought their pets to a line of cones. PAX proceeded with 11’s standard Merkin on one end and squat with press at the other. Pets were carried throughout.  Eager PAX that finished early were sent off on a jog with their pets.

Next PAX assembled on the line for The Beast.  First up was standard merkins followed by air squats.  Pets were carried throughout.


25 WWIIs, 25 flutter kicks IC, 25 leg lift to press.

Detox complete