I’m not sure what possessed yours truly to sign up for 2 Q’s in 3 days, with one of them guaranteed to be in the rain. What to do, what to do..

Inspiration struck on Wednesday when YHC noticed the shovel flag, having been blown around a bit, fell to the ground. While the site Q quickly reacted to prevent further disgrace, I thought it’d only be fitting to work off said infraction the way Cadre would have us do it.. with reps.

And so it was that this morning, beat down from a week of posts and having stayed up too late to watch the Cubbies fly the W #totallyworthit, YHC waited to see how many PAX would turn up to face the music, and the weather.

Matthew’s fury had been felt all up the coast, and was depositing a steady rain in CARPEX at 0700. Not as bad as I expected, though some picnic shelter work still seemed like a good idea.

As Banjo and YHC gathered under the portico and let Earhart and Callahan stay out in the rain for a few minutes before summoning them over, we reflected on the state of the AO and talked about how some sites do 2 Q’s on Saturday morning, lessening the pain on the Qs but increasing it on the PAX. Good thought. I think the PAX might’ve traded Q’s halfway through today.

Go time: gather under the senior center portico and warm up: SSH x30, GM x10, SFAC x10 forward, Moroccan night club x10, SFAC x10 reverse. I think we’re good. No merkins, we’ll get enough.

Run to the small shelter near the ball field parking lot, just to break the seal on getting wet. Brief stop under the shelter while the Q remembers that we need rocks! It turns out all the rocks over here are big’uns, which suits us just fine. They are also wet. Bring one back to the shelter.

Today’s workout is the “2005,” named after a GORUCK class in Durham which was dealt this pain after dropping their flag. No rucks for us, just rocks. The workout is:

  • 100x squats (with rock)
  • 100x merekins (no rock)
  • 100x flutter kicks (4ct, rock held in a bench press)
  • 100x lunges (each leg is 1)
  • 100x surprise exercise to be named later

The PAX were told we could do the first 4 exercises in rotations of any rep count they chose, but after each rotation we’d run the outer loop of the parking lot. This took some explaining and YHC had to instruct by doing 20 reps of each to start us off, then the run. The PAX took turns calling cadence on each exercise #outsourcing #lazyQ

After three rounds of 20, we paused and did some rock work: 15 curls, 15 overhead press, 15 tricep extension, 15 rock rows. Another run, because why not.

Two more sets of 20, and we were done with the first 400. Put back your rocks. They might be performing a valuable function in the creek from whence they came. #allthewater

The surprise exercise… burpees. #notthatsurprising

At this point Callahan thought it best that we do the remaining exercises al fresco, because if you’re gonna post in a hurricane, you might as well make the most of it. Smashing idea. We worked our way through a few sets of burpees up to 60 (notwithstanding the attempted jedi mind trick on the part of the PAX to make me think we were only doing 50). The hour was approaching, and Term Paper had things to do, so we started a mosey back toward the parking lot, stopping along the way a couple times to knock out 10 burpees OYO each stop.

ENDEX at the portico with the last 20 burpees, done more or less as a team. And hey, a few minutes left over for some Mary!¬† American Hammer x30 IC, Freddie Mercury x30 IC (good call Earhart). No superman/banana in the rain, though at this point it really didn’t matter.

COT with 7, prayers for those in the path of the storm as well as life’s storms that rage on quietly in our lives. Tecumseh’s friend Jeff having heart surgery; Troller’s move; many others on our hearts. YHC took us out.

Coffeteria at La Farm, where we all managed to stock up on carbs for the storm.