It was a nice cool crisp morning to start off a spring day with 24 PAX for #DRP
Upon identification of FNG’s disclosure was given at entrance of North Hills Park.

Shotgun Start:
We lined up in two lines: one behind YHC and the other behind High Life for an Indian Run or as some call it (Double Applesauce) down Currituck, right on Yadkin- just before passing under the beltine Hushpuppy performs a “tumbleweed” and someone calls “Man down.” He proceeds to brush it off #Strong

We make it to the bridge over troubled water (Crabtree Creek) lining up on either side of the bridge for THE THANG:
15 SSH, 10 Imperial Walkers, 10 Erkins, 10 Derkins, 10 Diamond Derkins and introduction of the Peeing Dog: two hands on the rail right leg out and up 10x, left leg out and up 10x – car drives by with suspicious smell to follow- mumble chatter proceeds

Jog back and around to the greenway, Bear Crawl across the bridge, proceed underneath the overpass to grab a rock. The “choose wisely disclaimer” was given, because this is your new pet rock for all the exercises:

15 curls, 10 press, 10 triceps extensions, 10 count holding your rock straight out in front of you, 10 American Hammers, 10 reverse, LBC’s 10 merkins (two hands on your rock), 10 staggered merkins (right hand, then left hand)

Bring your rock to the bottom of Sisyphus- run to the top and back with your rock: what goes up, must be brought back down.

Good work by FNG: Meon and Baby Farley for performing EH on him.
Plank it out at the bottom, return your rock and run back up Sisyphus to circle up for MARY

25 LBCs, 20 count for 6 inch leg hold, 15 Homer to Marge and 10 Merkins

TR asks for HC on GoRuck Challenge in October
YHC talks about BRR

Welcome: Sausage. Meon & Sicily

YHC shares original work out concept of 9×3=27 27×2=54 for the number of weeks I have been a member of F3Nation.

Then, I shared my personal views on F3: IMPACT & ISI

Ball of Man: Cotton takes us out

An honor and pleasure to lead today!