On the sweaty Tuesday morning 15 showed to partake in the workout someone lovingly signed me up to lead.   We started by warming up the bodies with Fozio arm circles, cherry pickers, merkins, mountain climbers and good mornings.  No better way to start a workout than with some good mornings.  Then we ran under Millbrook starting with Urkins and followed by 7’s.  Burpees at the bottom of the hill and star jumps at the first street sign on the left.  Sweat box, laser beams and flashing lights.   That ate up a fair amount of time we repeated Urkins followed by LBC’s back at the lot.  We than ran from the lower lot to the upper with a set of 20 little baby dips up top.  We finished with bear crawls up and down the green way hill towards the dockhouse and finally Durkins on the parking lot fence.  Thanks for calling me out and allowing me to lead.  I want to call out Raleigh and say if you Q then post a backblast and quit being so lazy. This was put in place for a reason.