It’s the last full week of October and this bout of pleasant weather will certainly begin to dissipate as we head into the waning months of 2014.  As a good portion of the Raleigh PAX was still recovering from #TheMule, YHC took to Twitter Sunday afternoon and boldly proclaimed that this weeks rendition of the Crucible would mean some #monstermash (even though I had no idea what that would mean in the end for the PAX).  YHC spent a few minutes on YouTube trying to determine if there was any inspiration I might draw from that Halloween hit to prepare an appropriate #downpainment.  Thankfully, we have the #CryptKicker5 still on tour…


As co-site Q for the Crucible, I’ve kept my eye on trends over this last year.  We started this site in mid-late January and in general, have averaged between 10-18 PAX, which if you read “Freed to Lead”, you’d know that this is well within the numbers you’d like to have at any given workout.  Crucible has never approached the #ProblematicWorkout status like Urban Jungle.  As such, I’ve viewed and promoted this site as an excellent Q training ground, primarily based on the average # of PAX and the facilities and surrounding area.  So this AM, YHC arrived a few minutes early and I quickly observed that unlike previous posts over the last few months, the parking lot was completely empty – no early birds waiting.  Could it be the Mule has caused extreme fartsacking?  What about the colder weather?  YHC’s Q Training kicked in and I waited and kept prepping.  Sure enough, about a minute later, the PAX start rolling in – 10 total.  No FNG’s, so no disclaimer given, VSF planted…let’s get started…

WARM-UP:  SSH x 20, Prisoner Squats x 15, Mountain Climbers x20 (perhaps 1 more that I can’t recall).  Follow-me for a quick jog on the loop around the soccer field.

YHC called various exercises as we roamed around the loop:  Butt Kickers, High Knees, Plank Hold followed by 15 Carolina Dry Docks, Bear Crawl 40-50 yards, Squat Hold for rest of PAX – 10 Count, regular jog, Mummy Kickers (this was on the uphill section of the loop nearest to the sand volleyball court and frankly was more tiring than I thought – good one to keep on hand for the future), Brief rest, Gorilla 30-45 yards – regular jog finishing at the picnic tables.

  • Irkins x 15
  • Dips x15 (5 regular, 5 right leg up, 5 left leg up)
  • Dirkins x 15
  • Peoples Chair x 10
  • Balls to the Wall x 10
  • Jog over to parking lot

CRYPT KICKER 5:  5 burpee types, 6 reps each – cycle two times through in 6 minutes

  1. Regular Burpees
  2. Jump Knee Tuck Burpees
  3. Prison Cell Merkin Burpees
  4. Hand Release Burpees
  5. Ski Ab Burpees



  • PAX split into 2 groups of 5 for Paint the Lines (Down one line, backwards run – 1 Merkin, etc.)  we did about 15-20 lines total
  • LBC / Karaoke Partner Challenge (Partner up – P1 starts LBC’s going to 100, P2 does Karaoke the length of the parking lot [about 60 yards] and sprints back to P1 to pickup the LBC count.  P2 flapjacks)  Keep repeating until done.

Recover on the Jog to the steep hill over by the kids playground

Partner 1 – starts a Merkin count (to 50) while Partner 2 sprints to hill and up, 1 Burpee at top and returns to pickup the Merkin count.  Partner 2 flapjacks.  This only lasted one cycle so…

All PAX on the line – sprint up the hill, 5 burpees at top and sprint back

Recover on the jog back to the parking lot for Mary.  As we got close to our starting point, there’s a slight incline so YHC calls for Mummy Kicks to finish out.

MONSTER MASH MARY:  YHC admits, this could be the cheesiest ending to an F3 workout ever, although when I mentioned Gnard Doggs 80’s Rock Anthem Ballad from a few weeks ago, several votes were rendered for that.

YHC pulled out his phone, warned the PAX that there would be no cadence on Mary, only called exercises as we grooved to the Monster Mash.

  • American Hammer (YHC stopped the song, was about to continue without it, but a quick poll and the PAX were ready to groove some more).  Maestro…we did the mash
  • In and Out (about 5 in/outs later – one PAX let one out that should never have seen the light of day – thankfully, it was still dark and no wind was blowing in YHC’s or the rest of the PAX’ direction)
  • WWII situps – Done


  • Announcements and Prayer Requests
    • If you feel so inclined, wear a costume to Flood Zone or Juggernaut on Friday
    • Crucible is looking for Q’s – great training ground and place to cut your Q teeth.  See ManRam or Wilson if you’re interested or just signup on the F3 site (look for our workout location and click on the Site Q names for a link to the sign up sheet)
    • Kiper asked for prayers for a family that just lost their dad who was on vacation with his wife. He passed away while swimming in the ocean.  Please pray for them as they deal with this tragedy.  PAX – I don’t recall the last name of the man who passed away – sound off in comments.

MOLESKIN:  YHC shared from a short passage in the gospel of John chapter 1, verses 35-51.  In this story, the disciples first encounter Jesus.  Andrew invited his brother Simon, whom Jesus said he’d call him Cephas (Peter – translated Rock).  No doubt Peter must have been confused.  Like all of us, we were once an FNG and received a new name.  Jesus saw in Peter (the FNG) what he could not see in himself – Peter had the makings of a great leader, but needed a Lord and Savior to change his life.  This renaming was also seen with the Sons of Zebedee (James and John) whom Jesus called the “Sons of Thunder”.  The simple fact is that like F3, the early church started through simple invitations – “Come and see”.  As we come and see what F3 is about, many are drawn to it for various reasons.  We get a new name and many testify to the changes in their life as a result of continuously posting (i.e. I’ve lost xx # of pounds, ran my first race, started a new workout site, etc.).  While the physical benefits can certainly be realized, the real work is done in the heart.  With Jesus Christ, he ultimately changes our heart and like Simon Peter, he changes us into the leaders we are called to be.  I could go on and must admit, it’s easy to say this, type it, etc., but harder to live.  I must die to myself everyday and allow Jesus to do his work in my heart daily.

YHC showed up this AM to an empty parking lot and it didn’t take long for those lonely thoughts to creep in – maybe you’ll be the only one – do you really want to do this on your own? It’s getting colder – that warm bed is still waiting.  In faith, I waited, the PAX arrived and I stepped out into the gloom…it was a pleasure leading you this AM.  Thanks for your efforts and encouragement.