YHC got the word from a good friend (Gazelle ENC) that he was going to be in town and was going to be bringing his 2.0 out for some Mad Mule!  Word was spread that 2.0’s are always welcome as the workout can be modified for any man of any age!  Cars started piling in and 4 2.0’s decided to start their day in the rain growing some chest hairs.  2.0’s immediately started playing on the playground, puddles, and mud.  7:00 hit lets get the party started.   Only Burn out late 16 min: 32 Burpees were done in succession by Burn out while the PAX did group up downs to show some support much to Gazelle’s disappointment.   We are all going to enjoy the suck together.  Sneak Peak: Medical Advice on Constipation at the end.

Warm up: Cadence with 2.0s helping with cadence

SSH, squats, butt kickers, high knees, arm circles front and back, Good mornings x15

Indian Run: PAX run around the outside of the park as the path flooded with sprint from back to front back to the flag.  Chelsea sprinting out forgetting he has to sprint just as far back!

Group up at the shelter: 2 large tires for adult PAX and 1 small tire for 2.0’s, race to flip tire down to other side of parking lot but only 1 flip for every 5 dips on the shelter bench. Old farts won even with 2 tires.

2.0’s want a fair fight so for tire flip back 1 flip for adult PAX and 2 flips for 2.0’s for every 5 merkins.  2.0’s stomped us and then started to help us flip the large tractor tires which I think they were the most pumped about.

Partner Pull ups: have each partner do 5 pull ups and help at the foot if needed. Lunge to light pole and bear crawl back.  3 rounds Modify for shoulders as needed for bear crawl.  Plank for the six and plankarama as a PAX after all directions.

Wimpie Legs: 3 rounds total of PAX (2.0’s included) calling the up for 10 reps each of Squat jumps, Jumping Lunges, Mule Kicks. 10-10-10 3 rounds.  Modifications for stationary work if needed provided. 10 sec recovery count by Fiddler.

PAX AMRAP work (45 sec): foot release squat, Irken, Step up left foot, step up right foot, Mountain climbers, Carolina Dry docks with modification throughout if needed.

Mary: 2.0’s and PAX calling cadence: 15 count: box cutters, WWI, WWII, American Hammer, Superman, Freddy Mercury.

Recover, Burn out decided to do his 32 Burpee pentalty and PAX did up/downs for support.

BOM/COT: Lefty still recovering from the snip, Burnout’s clan/small community of kids are sick, Gazelle’s Grandma illness, YHC (Stretch’s) M was at ED on Wednesday for unknown vision changes and Numbness and tingling into the arms and legs. MD’s ruled out MS, cancer, and other major issues but still a lot of questions and no answers even though it has improved. Christmas Holiday, travel safety.

Moleskin: Continue to support each other, push each other hard at the workouts and find accountability for not only physical well being but mental and emotional.  Holding crap in will only make you constipated, let it out and you will feel much better!

FNG contest: BIO-D:2,  rest of PAX:0