Last week was great to have Disco Duck and Frisco come and bring some of the Carpex crew to really give a great example of how to push each other, have fun, and Q a workout to lead those around you.  YHC was looking forward to the Q and continuing to growth of the PAX in the area.  YHC wanted to continue letting some men in the JOCO area start to assist with cadence and leading some of the workout.  (Mini Q school).

EC: YHC planted the flag at 5:00 AM for some EC, met Chelsea for some more EC @ 6 AM until Mad Mule start @ 7 AM.  When we returned to only see our cars we thought it was just going to be the 2 of us but we soon had more cars filling up the lot.

Warm up: SSH X20, Squats x15, butt kickers x15, high knees x15 all in cadence.  Soilder walks with straight leg (30 yards) and lunge with twist back.

The Thang:

Indian run started for a trip up to the Grove for some fun on Main Street but only 100 yards into our trip YHC spotted Blood Sport driving toward the flag and then 2 percent also came into the parking lot 8 min late. 2 percent and 2 guys about 8 min late meant 16 Burpees for each of the PAX.  We took turns calling the down until we got to 16… now we are warmed up.  Everybody is in it together.

Indian run to the grove which turned into reverse Indian to keep the PAX tight.

PAX to the brick wall for some elevens: foot release squats and jog to benches for Irkens 10-1 until reversed to 1-10.  Modify with shorter distance on the run.   Al Gore for the six, sit that butt down and hug that tree boys.

Next exercise…Mosey to undisclosed location for some bear crawls, lunges throughout…all else confidential… need to know basis.

Mosey Back to the stage for some Partner work, 1 partner does rows on railing while other carb walks to trash can 30 yards and Mosey’s back. 3 rounds total.  Plank for the six.

Plankarama led by YHC for regular, chill cut, R hand up side, L hand up side, R leg back, and L leg back. Mary time with PAX leading the cadence, LBC’s, WWI, superman, Freddy Mercury, box cutters each 15-20 in cadence led by a different PAX.

Burn Out requested Bring Sally up/down for squats, so YHC looked it up on the phone and 1 round performed for the cameras on the stage with several honks on Main Street for the Twerkin performance. We even had a car of two elders of the community ask us if we were working out or dancing on stage.

Scout Run back to the Flag while keeping the PAX tight and discussing the JOCO logo and upcoming T shirt order!  JAILBREAK the last 50 yards with Chelsea straight up destroying the PAX.

Cool down/Mary: Windmills x15 candence, Heels to heaven x15, American Hammer x15, and Have a nice day.  Each called cadence today and called out favorite exercises.

Total distance 2.1 Miles by the PAX during the 1 hr beatdown.

BOM/COT: YHC is going to start bringing something to record all the request but here is what I could remember: Ben and other family members/friends dealing with addictions, Marriages, Prayers for Bed Pan’s M back in surgery, Blood sport and impending sell and move into new home. Several family members of the PAX having surgery and with medical conditions. Sorry to the PAX for slacking on writing these down!  Continue to be there for each other.

On that note: YHC brought up at Mad Mule what F3 can do for you. Not only is it good accountability with your health and fitness but mental and emotional health as well. We are taught as boys-Men to not be emotional and what we end up doing is internalizing everything. As a PAX we need to be there for each other to give a hand when needed. Blood sport will be moving soon and several have offered trucks, trailers, but more importantly a helping hand to move. When we moved out of our home in Greenville, my M and I had an ENC PAX of 7 or 8 come to help us pack up and we had the whole thing done in 1 hr.  It was a blessing and truly touched Nikki and I.  I had Men that I truly considered Large Particle Friends!  Guys that would drop anything and help me out. Be there for your brothers, offer your assistance in your area of expertise and help build each other up.  I don’t know jack about cars, hunting, and technology but I know PT, medicine, gardening, outdoors, and women….ok maybe not women.  Build each other up, #ironsharpensiron.

I doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger.  See you in the gloom!
Stretch, out.