True Grit being the famed AO that it is often attracts celebrity guests and today was no exception.   Uncle Paul of WRAL kids show fame lent his workout style for the PAX to enjoy.

After a quick warm up:

SSH X 25

GM X 15

IW X 15

Jog up and over dam back to spillway rock pile and choose a traveling rock (but challenge yourself). Jog with rock back to the circle that goes to top of dam and back down. Uncle Paul was famous for leading children in a circle around the WRAL studios.  Today would be just as fun.

The PAX divided into two and one group performed a series of rock exercises at the bottom while the other group ran to the top of the dam with their rocks and performed a set of exercises.  Rock exercises included curls, tricep extensions, bent over rows and overhead press.  Exercises at the top of the dam included rock merkins, burpees, rock squats, and bear crawl merkins.

Because Uncle Paul was mostly blind he would sometimes get turned around.  So every other time an Uncle Paul reverse was called and the group would have to run up the other hill.  Crazily Uncle Paul would sometimes go in a straight line (though not often) so we mixed in sprints to the tree line across the field and back then Uncle Paul circles would continue.

The PAX was having so much fun QIC lost track of time and we kept on Uncle Paul’n right to time…..double time back to drop off rocks and back to the parking lot…no time for Mary.  Done!

T-Claps to Ron Mexico for leading the charge up the hill for one of the groups.  #BRRStrong Uncle Paul would be proud.

Announcements: Thursday Nov. 3rd Neighbor to Neighbor Event

Haven House 2nd and 4th Tuesday each month – workout with the kids on Cabarrus St. 5:30pm

Pig Pickin Contest at North Hills Club October 22nd Sign Up and Pay

Prayer Requests:  All those impacted by the flood.  Help however you can.

Mayhem took us out strong.

A joy to lead.  Thanks to the PAX.