Posted on behalf of Shawshank (#DreamTeam, #Lean, #Boz)

21 PAX  decided to pass on the one big loop workout and opt for the workout with 3 small loops run multiple times covering ~3.7 – ~4.0 miles

First 15:

1 minute exercise circuit

  • Hairburners
  • KB swings
  • Jump Rope
  • Resistance Band Curls & Kickbacks
  • Ab wheel
  • KB Sumo Squat into Upright Row
  • Medicine Ball Squat & Press
  • Lateral Resistance Band Walk
  • Medicine Ball V-situp
  • Burpees (added in 2nd time through to make room for Monkey Feet)

Next 45:

Warm Up: SSH x20, Merkins x15

Rock (not a pebble) Circuit/Loop 1: x3

–  10 Step ups each leg w/rock

–  10 Goblet Squats w/rock

–  10 Knees to Elbows hanging from the Arbor in Midtown Park

–  Cross through Midtown park, down the greenway up to the snack shack, hard left back up top on the greenway, down the stairs to run back under the bridge and back up to your rock

Greenway Fountain Circuit / Harding Hill: x2

– 10 isolated hip raises each leg w/foot on the fountain edge

– 10 isolated lunges with w/foot on the fountain edge

–  Run down the greenway, across the bridge, up Harding Hill to the top and run back to the fountain

Target Circuit: x2 – x3 based on time

– Start at the bottom corner of the Target deck closest to Wendys

– Run to and up the large staircase leading up to Target

– Run past Target to the rails for 10 supine pull-ups

– Run down Kings to the Target stairwell on the corner of Charlottetown and Kings and run up

– Run across the top of the target deck, 5 burpees

– Down the stairwell back to the beginning, 10 merkins


– Sharktank welcomes Particle and Enron in town from Raleigh. I would say they are visiting but they are really here for work. Thanks to Denali for pointing them this way instead of that big loop workout.

– The goal of today was to fatigue the legs with some exercises then run.  A little different aspect to training for the BRR rather than strictly running. Building up a little leg muscle will help in the mountains.

–  A lot of Larry Birds (Nash, Maybe, TML, Stinger,Gandalf, etc.) out there today. Heading up the Harding Hill Baby Jesus (right next to me) says that he is leading in a couple of weeks but unsure what he will do if he can’t stay up front with the rabbits. At this point in time we were at the bottom and the LBs were coming back down the hill. No worries, they know what to do when they beat us back. Plank.

–  When taking the dumbbell we used for Hairburners out of the car once back home it was still warm from the friction. Solid work out there from the early crew.

–  Since the first 15 resembled Diamondhead Nibbler decided to jump in halfway through rather than sit in the parking lot and watch us run (which is usually the case). The ab wheel is another wheelhouse for the Nibs. Cougar must preach the #FOF at Diamondhead.

– Gandalf (#Paperboy) usually shows up at 5:15 but today he slept in and came at 5:30. #Paperboy must be already tapering. All 4 #Lean guys there for the full hour and Uncle ran to and from the workout.

– YHC had a great time leading you guys. Thanks TML for the reins.


– The Net at Dunkin Donuts after the workout continues to bring men together for the 3rd F. Check it out.

– With school starting back up Billingsville after school tutoring will be ramping up again. See Monkey Feet or Kickin’ Chicken for more information on that