18 pax for this morning’s edition of True Grit.  The responsibility of having the Q for one of the OTC legs this week was weighing on me, as the goal is to dole out enough pain to make the challengers question their decision to engage in said challenge in the first place.  I believe 6 (?) pax are still in contention.  Good luck with legs 3-5 fellas.


SSH x 15, GM x 15, Jingle Balls x 20, Imperial Walkers x 10 (attempted Imperial SQUAT Walkers, but cadence completely threw off YHC so audibled), Mtn Climbers x 20.


Mosey over to the rock pile at the base of Dam Hill.  Grab a travel size rock and line up at the base of the hill facing away from it.  Time for the Bernie Sanders – walk backward up the hill with rock, and feel the BERN in those quads.

Over to the big field and partner up for Rock Partner Chase.  Partner 1 does offset merkins x 10 on rock with each arm then chases Partner 2 who is lunge walking with rock above head.  Repeat until each partner completes 4 sets.

Jog over to the base of the “little hills” past the pull up bars.  Line up facing the hills.  Next up – Bear Crawl 7’s.  Bear crawl to top of hill, diamond merkins x 6, bear crawl back down, wide grip merkins x 1.  Shoulders feeling ripe by the time this one is over.

Back to the rocks.  Took about 5 minutes for everyone to find a rock – made me think someone shirked on their rock responsibility earlier and YHC was prepared to call out rock burpees for punishment, but alas all 18 rocks were eventually identified.

Another Partner Rock Chase back across field, but instead of offset merkins, curls x 10 and tri press x 10 before chasing partner.  Each partner completes 4 sets again.

Drop off rock and head over to the bottom of Shelley Road hill.  Time to test the pax ability to listen to directions (Q fail?), as the Going Up the Down Escalator was next.  Run up to 1st street, burpees x 5, back down to previous street, squat jumps x 5, run up to 2nd street, burpees x 10, back to previous street, squat jumps x 10.  Repeat up the hill, eventually getting to 20 burpees at top, 20 squat jumps at 3rd street.  Back down to bottom and plank work while waiting for the six.


A few minutes behind, so only time for 1 set.  Hollow Rocks / Banana Boat x 15.


Announcements – Vila continued his streak of announcing all upcoming F3 parties and did a stellar job.  If you have any questions at all about any of the 3 upcoming parties, make sure to contact him directly.

Prayer requests – friend of Java, Spin Class’s new addition to the fam, missing one

Welcome FNG Headgear – friend of MacGruber’s who just finished orthodontics residency.

Less Nessman took us out, and surprisingly did not give thanks for his miraculous one point victory in fantasy football semifinals the night before.

Always a pleasure to Q the best AO in Raleigh!