As YHC arrived this morning back from a solo EC, a group of 15 PAX posted ready to start the day right.  Unfortunately YHC was unaware of his name on the sheet to Q.  #Qfail.  Thanks to Tony Robbins the morning could begin.

quick warm up with SSHx20, Mountain ClimbersX20, Ski AbsX20.

The Thang:

10 burpees OYO.  Run to top of LOL parking lot, 10 burpees OYO, world’s greatest stretch.

Stations were set with two stops.  Top of hill and starting lot next to field.  Run the circle and drop into 10 burpees, 25 LBC and 10 jump ups.  Repeato for 3.

Move to long lot and split into two teams by speed.  Olympic trial relays ensued.  1 PAX sprints to far end and back to tag out until all have gone.  Those left behind go through cycle of wide/diamond/standard merkinsx10, Freddy MercurysX10, prisoner squatsx10.  Winner does 10 burpees OYO, loser does 20.  plank progression for a little bit.

Run to wet, grassy field next to greenway.  Everyone on their 6 just to let the dampness work its way in then into superman/banana to really soak it up.  plank hold…then into a favorite.  Guantanamo x 2.

Sprint back to starting lot.  10x burpees OYO…done


announcements:  Keep a strong presence at Ambassador…Yoda is leading that cause.  Stay tuned for two new sites that are in the works.

prayer request for S&M’s friend that lost his lift too young for his time.

Prayer out by YHC