Lame Duck kicked off at 5:45 this morning – or perhaps it was 5:48 by Cornholio’s watch, or maybe it was 5:43. We couldn’t decide. But when Tin-Cups Car rolled into the lot we knew it was time to start the warm-up. We can set our watches by his arrival.

The F3 disclaimer provided followed by the Recovery Road disclaimer.

Fiddler brought his 2.0 (11 year old) Green Wing for another workout. It was 28 degrees and GW was sporting shorts…. fiddler worried someone would call child services onhim. I doubt it. If society isn’t calling DCFS on all parents of the couch surfing, xbox playing frito cheese puff snacking obese kids we’re seeing now, nobody from F3 is calling them on someone who brings their double digit aged kid to a workout. ?. Aye.

Dice jumped out of his car wearing his Tommy Hilfiger Parka from back in his Chicago days – that was a jacket I received as a gift, back when….. ehh….uhmmn….(politically correct or not)…white guys wore Tommy….which was about twenty years ago. Dice received some hazing for his fashion choice…. but just before the warm-up, YHC shed his skin down to his iconic fluorescent orange zip up.

Asphalt: Dice Standard Warm Up
25x SSH, slow pace (2 per 4 count cycle – 50 reps)
20x Good Morning, Stretch
20x Imperial Walker
10/10X Arm Circles
20x Prayer Squat, Stretch
20x Windmill, Stretch
20x Mountain Climber
10/10/10x Shoulder Shrug, Neck Roll / Reverse
20x Prisoner Squat Stretch

15 Q Count Standing leg/leg stretch and switch
25x SSH, Building Pace(2 per 4 count cycle -50 reps)

Jack Webb / “11’s”:
-10 Standard Merkins, 1 Shoulder Press = 11
-9 Standard Merkins, 2 Shoulder Press = 11

Upstairs Benches: “Fives”
20x Irkins (studs, 2 per 4 count cycle, 40 reps)
20x Dips
20x Alternating Lt/Rt Step Ups
20x Derkins
20x Elevated Crunch

Fast Pace
12x Irkins (studs, 2 per 4 count cycle, 24reps)
12x Dips
12x Alternating Lt/Rt Step Ups
12x Derkins
12x Elevated Crunch

Gnobbys exceedingly slow pace
10x Irkins
10x Dips
10x Alternating Lt/Rt Step Ups
10x Derkins
10x Elevated Crunch

Dirty McDeuce
12x Prayer Squat
12x Standard Merkin
12x LBC
Peoples Chair

12x Prisoner Squat
12x Wide Grip Merkin
12x A. Hammer
Peoples Chair

12x Sumo Squat
12x Diamond Merkin
12x Freddie Mercury
People’s Chair

12x Squat Jump
12x Carolina Dry Dock
12x Low Slow Flutter
People’s Chair

Countrywide’s LBC Pyramid
Hold for slow five count at end of each level

3rd Anniversary of F3 in Raleigh – Saturday March 7th (tomorrow) at Pullen Park
6:00 Original F3 work out
6:45 New and improved F3 workout
there are no other Saturday Workouts in Raleigh tomorrow

Happy Hour Today – Check Twitter for Annoucements

Prayer Requests:
See-Saw’s Mother
Azul’s Wife and Family
There was another but I have forgotten in the last 8 hours

Cornholio took us out.