YHC was coming back from the UNC/Ga game, not feeling the best BUT was ready to provide a beatdown.  But wait….Something happened the night before, a strange, odd rumbling feeling in the Dipper’s stomach.  This continued throughout the night and into the morning.  YHC still arrived early, I was the Q and had no choice…100% still trying to give it a GO, but when laying the cones out on the beach ” it happened”.  The bath house was visited and boxers were left in the trash.  The Omaha was in full force as Dipper did not give Madoff the opportunity to say no to the full Q.  Shovel flags were set and it went like this:

warmarama- SSH IC x 30….Sun gods IC x 15…reverse x 15……Cotton Pickers IC x 15…..Merkins single x 15…….Wind Mills IC x 15……..Then 2 laps around the triangle at the circle ” indian run” easily 3/4 a mile

The Thang-  Dips x 20…….step-ups x 20……merkins x 20……derkins x 20 ( did all of these 2 times with little recovery).  Madoff had that look in his eye and the Pax felt it.

Then we reached the beach where there were 2 cones 18 feet apart.  Each Pax member would bear crawl to one and do 1 dry-dock.  Backwards crawl and do 2, repeat until you reached 10.  ( this was a killer and the Pax knew they were in trouble from the start).

Then we got to the hard sand and there were 2 more cones 100 yards apart.  Each Pax member got a partner…one would run ( then switch when he got back ), while the other did:

Mtn Climbers, Wojo squats, Burpees and then LBC’s.

These were 4 minute intervals and then we switched to the next workout. ( 4 total)  The Boys from outta town ” T-Claps” fro bringing it and pushes us.  Love when you guys come and represent.  It makes us all better and pushes us all to get better.

Last we split into 2 groups and did “up/unders” for 5 minutes and then mosyed back to the grass for Mary.


Russian Hammer Ic x 20……..WWI single x 25…….LBC IC x 20…….JimmyJacks single x 8

Moleskin/Announcements- 3 q’s on Tuesday…..Rotary/West and Beaufort……Keep Tilikum and Beth in your prayers still.  T-claps for Madoff stepping up on very little notice.  T-claps to the Pax for a great effort with 75% hungover from the weekend.  T-Claps to f3raleigh/gville/ch.hill….  It was an honor to lead with Madoff and god bless you boys.