With the VSF firmly planted, YHC and the PAX entered Dufresne’s home with accompaniment…ukulele, guitar, and a drum.  F3 #Hopebuilder was back for an encore performance and we were ready to jam.  In speaking with MDufresne, the single best thing the men of F3 can continue to do is visit with Dufresne.  At this point with the muscle loss he has experienced, there is significant risk of injury if we try to exercise.  That makes brotherly fellowship all the more important.  For those new to #Hopebuilder or if you’ve not been in a while, here’s what we do.  We’ll share what’s going on among the PAX, pass along the #CSAUP events we are taking part in, show photos or videos of goings on in F3 nation and around the region.  Why?  Before Dufresne’s diagnosis of Lyme Disease, he used to do boot camp workouts.  We’ll ask yes/no questions where Dufresne can blink or smile to acknowledge his response.  The infectious smile is still there and it makes just as big an impact on all of us as the first time we visited with Dufresne in September of last year.  While his body has lost strength, his mind is still as sharp as a tack.  After visiting, sharing stories, we circle his bed for COT and close out in prayer letting Dufresne know we’ll be back.

The Thang:
This past Friday, we expanded our playlist thanks to Slash and Humpy.  Tunes by the Grateful Dead, Bruce Springsteen, Old Crow Medicine Show, Robert Earle Keen, and Curtis Mayfield were sung alongside old staples like Amazing Grace.   Trust YHC, if you can’t sing, you’ll fit right in.  Slash and Humpy carried us through.

We surrounded Dufresne’s bed for COT and Cinderella closed us out in prayer.

A hearty welcome to Humpy, a Hopebuilder FNG who brought great harmony and rhythm to our merry band.  Join us again soon.
T-Claps to the PAX.  A great afternoon and a sweet sound was heard!
T-Claps to Slash for sharing his talent with the PAX.

If you’ve not been or haven’t come by for a visit in a while, check the Google Doc below and join us.

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