21 Pax resisted the temptation of doughnuts (well, all but 2 who succembed to the tempation after the workout) to follow YHC and his throwback yellow jersey through the wilds of Pullen.

The Thang:

Pete Chilcutt x 20

Cannonball x 20

Dolly x 15

Line up on half circle wall:

Jump ups x 20

Dips x 20

Jump ups x 20

Jog to Pawleys Pain Island

Push ups x 20 + LBC x 20

Repeat 5 TIMES for 100 total of each – Oyo – no rest in bewteen

Mosey to Hill

Group 1:  Up the Hill x5

Group 2: Contniuous Squats


Jog to Baseball field

Grab rock for sprints with Linda:

Sprint + 15 overhead presses

Sprint + 15 curls

Sprint + 15 front presses

Sprint + 10 diamond merkins

Sprint + 15 LBCs

Sprint + 15 curls

Sprint + 15 overhead presses

Mosey to Baseball diamond for the Rickey Henderson – sprint to first base, bear crawl to second, run backwards to third, and run to home with the following exercises at each base:

First Inning: 6 wide arm merkins, 6 star jumps, 6 burpees, plank

Second Inning: 12 Russian hammers, 12 WW2 sit ups, 12 burpees, plank

Third Inning: JACK BAUER RETURNS: 24 staggred merkins (12 each arm), 24 squat jumps, 24 burpees, peoples chair

Balls to the Wall

Jog back to Start

1 Minute of Mary

Freddie Mercury x 20



YHC badly underestimated the 100 merkins + 100 LBCs so early in the  workout and was Larry Birded by most of the PAX.

Tclaps to FNG LaRue, who guaranteed his name by immedaitely voicing his objection in a panic-stricken voice

Tclaps to Mighty Mite from Area 51 for Larry Birded YHC most of the day but acknoweldged his last of sophistication in the ways of Eastern North Carolina by having to ask how to do a WW2 sit up.

Tclaps to Duff and Country Wide and the rest of the crew for leaving us to launch the new Healing Place workout.  Great work brothers.

Jack Bauer was not able to make his planned visit to our brothers in the North who, once again, were spared from true pain while they feasted on paninis.  Instead, Jack Bauer had to call Chloe and GET HER TO CRACK THE ENCRYPTION CODES TO VIEW THE SCHEMATICS OF THE POWER PLANT SO HE COULD SHUT OFF THE VALVES REMOTELY FROM HIS MOBILE DEVICE WITHIN 3 SECONDS TO PREVENT THE PLANT FROM BURNING DOWN AND DESTROYING THE ONLY PERSON ALIVE WHO KNOWS WHO KIDNAPPED TONY AND WHY!


Wendell Gee