coke v pepsi

Similar, but different!

13 Pax showed up this morning for what Wendell Gee so aptly described as “like a Murph, but different.”

Warm Up: SSH x25, Good Mornings x20, Imperial Cross Walker x20, Sir Fazios x20, Merkin x20, Mountain Climber x20

The Thang:

  • Run to the top of the dam: Burpees x50, LBC x50, Precision Squat x50
  • Run to Wood Bridge: Burpees x40, LBC x40, Precision Squat x40
  • Run to mile marker: Burpees x30, LBC x30, Precision Squat x30
  • Back to Wood Bridge: Burpee x20, LBC x20, Precision Squat x20
  • Back to dam: Burpee x10, LBC x10, Jump Squat x10 (thanks Man Ram)


  • The Mule – October 5th
  • Any one interested in running the Oak City Half Marathon? Sproles?
  • Kickoff of Ramses tomorrow at the UNC Law School
  • Prayers for those in Colorado as well as those victims at the Navy Yard.




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  • The Bob Villa of F3Raleigh is not a master builder. He is a master demolitioner using a burpee sledgehammer. Nice Q, Villa.

  • This was not very fun, but I enjoyed the company. Dawn breaking while on the dam is a great view. Just glad we started with the 50 burpees.

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