We had 8 men come out in the not so gloomy gloom this morning for Mutiny.   Found out about Scandals injury while waiting for the PAX to show.
So I volunteered to give the men a nice Monday morning beat down.

Lap around the track
25 SSH
25 Windmills
10 Imperial Walkers
10 Hillbillies
10 Good mornings
20 – 3 count merkins
25 mountain climbers

Quick jog down to the playground.

The Thang
Split into 2 groups of 4.
Group 1 – WheelBarrow 1/2 across the soccer field, then switch, sprint back
Group 2 – Each member 10 pullups x2
Rinse and Repeat x2
Over to the picnic tables
25 Left Right Step ups
25 Dips
10 Derkins
10 count rest then Rinse and Repeat x3
Recover jog to the tennis courts.
Line up – Bear Crawl to the end of the first court – 5 burpees – Bear Crawl to the end of 2nd court 5 burpees – sprint back.
Round the Horn Mary
25 Ukrainian Hammers
25 LBC
20 Low Slow Flutter
15 Box cutters
Round the horn Plank 10 count each
12 Bernie things (I have no idea what they were called)

Thanks to Bronie for taking us out in the COT.
It was a good impromptu that I think gave everyone a decent Monday morning wakeup call.

Enjoy the day men!