After a pre-ruck, and a pre-run, the PAX of 28 gathered around the shovel flag to start our Pullen workout.  The Arena folks headed east, and we began…

Double file Indian Run around the Parking Lot

Stop at the Parking Circle for a warm-up

  • SSHx25
  • Imperial Walkers x 20
  • Good Mornings x 20
  • Fazio Arm Circles x10 each way

Fellowship jog to the Tennis Courts

  • Divide into two groups – first group runs Suicides, stopping at teach sideline (totalling 5 reps) while second group performs People’s Chair.  FLAPJACK
  • Set of Leg work – squats, back lunge, stationary lunge – right, stationary lunge – left, air squat, sumo squat, dan jansens – all x 20
  • Suicide sprints and Balls to the Wall.  FLAPJACK

Mosey to the Rock Pile – pick a coupon

  •  Curls x10
  • Slow Curls x 10
  • Overhead Press x 10
  • Tricep Curl x 15
  • Torso Rotation x 10

Mosey to the Top of Half Pipe – slow synchronized Bear Crawl down the hill (x 50)

Partner up for Half-Pipe Relay Fun

  • One partner heads up the hill for 10 Mericans (OYO) while other partner does Dips (AMRAP).  FLAPJACK
  • 10 x Wide Grip Mericans and Dips
  • 10 count
  • 10 x Std Mericans and Dips
  • 10 x CDD and Dips

Mosey down to the Ampitheater

  • Burpee Tabata – 4 minutes of FUN

6 minutes of Mary

  • LBC x 50
  • High – slow Flutter kick x 20
  • Homer to Marge x 20
  • Low Plank Hold around the circle for a 5-count
  • Hammers x 20

One lap around the Pond to finish us off.


  • chatter about Chong Li’s Rockettes form…
  • F3 Dads – next Saturday 9:30a at Fletcher Park
  • 3rd F dinner a week from Tuesday

Au Pair closed us nicely in prayer as some of The Arena pax joined us.