Shovel flag planted for the PAX of 16 at the base of the Shelley Lake dam. Hot diggity.

The Thang:

Warm-up jog past the pull-up bars, circle up

SSH x 15, Mountain Climbers  x 15, Good Mornings x 15, Merkins x 15

Get in groups of 4, small group Indian Run around the lake to the main bridge…stop at the wall

Derkins x 20, Stomp x 20, 20 Jump Ups OYO, Monkey Humpers x 20, Derkins x 20

4 man Indian Run across dam to large field….line up

Spring to the edge of field& back, 20 Merkins OYO, five times through

20 Monkey Humpers, turnaround. 3 trips up and down small hill and stop at top. 20 Monkey Humpers, 3 more trips up and down

Run to top of big hill on dam, 15 merkins at top…down and up, 15 merkins…3 times through and run back to parking lot.

AMRAP Dying Cockroaches

COT with prayer by CDC

Naked Moleskin:

-Chippendale broke out the small group Indian Run at Whiplash several weeks ago, Pepe has used as well so YHC decided it was a good place to test myself. It’s a keeper, group stays together and moves faster. Consider this an option in the future if Q’ing. Aye!

-T-claps to Huh? digging in on the sprints and Duff for being 1st to finish the final set on the big dam. Well done. Captain Kangaroo logged in a solo pre-run, Mayhem the War Daddy, Polaroid the War Baby. Aye!

July 4th Convergence at NC Museum of Art: 7am for Raleigh/Cary (non-running option to go with the boot camp)

-Prayers for Spin Class, the Duffy Family, friend of Dingo in a car accident and those unspoken.