So apparently this isn’t a phrase everyone knows… more on that later.

16 (and 1 just for Mary and COT) PAX including 2 FNGs enjoyed a beautiful 60 degree and sunny North Raleigh morning. 4 pre-runners (Headgear, Arsenal (FNG and Headgear’s 2.0), Papercut and Dingo). With 2 FNGs a full disclaimer was given and promptly mocked by CDC for being too long. Point taken, let’s get to it.

Warm up
SSH x20 IC
GM x10 IC
IW x20 IC
SFAC x10 each way IC
Mountain climbers seemed redundant for the Thang that was planned so they were skipped.

The Thang
Indian Run to the base of Rangecrest.
We will run to the top of Rangecrest and back. When the first person gets to the top and turns to come back down, everyone will turn at that time and head back also regardless of where they are on the hill. This will keep anyone from getting too far ahead and will get the Pax down to the bottom at roughly the same time. At the bottom we did an exercise at the end of each trip up and back. They were…

Partner Derkins x20 (Arsenal groaning “Dad you’re heavy” was the highlight of this exercise… major props to him for not asking for help… great first post young man!)
Merkins x20
Diamond Merkins x20 (Quick round LBCs x20 IC so everyone could catch their breath)
Hand release merkins x20
Wide Grip merkins x20
10 Burpees (Quick round of Box Cutters x20 IC so everyone could catch their breath)

Indian run back to the Park then mosey to the rock pile for..

Curls x20 IC
Tri Ext x20 IC
BOR x20 IC
Rock Press x20 IC
Curls x20 single count
Tri Ext x20 single count
BOR x20 single count
Rock Press x20 single count

Rosalita x20 IC
LBCs x20 IC
Am Hammer x20 IC
Plank til time is up (a little over 1 minute)

Forum needs Qs
All sites have Q openings
Next week is Pink Slip’s annual football Q. Bring a football and post. It’s a blast.

Cox Family who experienced a death in the family (friend of CDC)

Headgear took us out with strong words

In reading Unbroken recently I was struck by Louie Zamperini’s answer to a reporter when asked to summarize what he had endured in WWII after being shot down over the Pacific, stranded for over a month in a life raft in shark infested waters and then months of abuse and torture in POW camps in Japan. According to Laura Hillenbrand in the book, Louie said “If I knew I had to go through those experiences again, I’d kill myself”. I was surprised by these words at first. But started to think about how in our darkest times we survive one day at a time, one moment at a time. Often if we knew exactly what we would have to endure we would quit. But if we can focus on one moment at a time we can accomplish so much more than we think we are capable of. Just like the old saying… How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. (Except apparently, this saying isn’t nearly as popular as I thought it was, which was quickly pointed out me.) If we can focus on the present and allow ourselves to be lifted up by those around us and our faith, we can accomplish things that seem utterly impossible when we look back on them.

There is so much I can physically do now that I thought impossible when I started F3. Now I actually look forward to these grueling workouts and the camaraderie I have with my F3 brothers. I’m incredibly thankful for this group of men and their encouragement along the way. Our trips up Rangecrest were to serve as a metaphor for us this morning. One stride at a time, never alone, we can conquer the beast before us…six times.