With permission, YHC is sharing a portion of MDufresne’s (Erica Kosal) Caringbridge.org post from yesterday.  Many thanks to everyone from F3 who has signed up, served as QIC, laughed, prayed, worked out, or cried with Dufresne thus far.  As YHC shared in an early #Hopebuilder post referencing Shawshank Redemption, “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best thing.”

Orwell has a full house today and there’s room this Thursday to join Cinderella who will be QIC.  Follow the link, add you name, show up, and be moved. Come in work clothes. We have a QIC lined up for each workout who can walk you through the PT exercises.  Hopebuilder takes place every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 4:00 pm.


21 hours ago via Caringbridge.org Erica Kosal

Hi Everyone,
Jim is still doing well with his exercising and making good progress.  I really cannot tell you how much a difference having positive, hopeful, and caring men in Jim’s life has meant.  He smiles when they arrive, acts like the sweet Jim Young we all know but who has been hiding for too long and he pushes himself with that determined attitude he has always had.  A huge difference has been all these men believing in him and pushing him and praying for him.  Honestly, it is huge.  Jim can move his legs better and continues to build strength.  The goal is still to be able to bear weight on the walker by February and it is great to have all these men on board helping with the cause.  They are unbelievable gifts in our lives!

Other good news to note – Jim has been out and about on several outings, including the State Fair.  We also have a trip out to Greenville soon for a healing service with a very impressive healer.  Jim is really looking forward to that.  Also, Annalise turns 5 on Thursday (!!!)  which is exciting – the b-day party is at gymnastics on Saturday.  She is so thrilled.  Still, I always get sad at her birthday too because Jim has been sick her whole life and I remember how sick he was when she was born and that he was starting his first round of IV antibiotics at that time……  I hope the day goes alright for him.

On the medical side of things – we are about to start an alkalizing diet, which both of us are excited about – the more we learn about it, the more excited we get.  Jim also has expressed wanting to stop the antibiotics after this current round of things and see what his body can do.  He is tired of the antibiotics and not sure they are helping in any significant way.  Jim is still on the ventilator all day and night and this is something we really need to start working on again too – he needs to come off the ventilator several minutes everyday and try to work up some strength that way too.  I’m hopeful with the men coming and being so encouraging that he will find the will to give this a try too (and to see the positive results there that we all want as well).

Other notes – my mom is still in town and such a wonderful help (cooks the family meals, helps with organization, driving to gymnastics, cleaning, reading to Jim, helping with Braxton’s homework) – livesaver!

Braxton is about to start to cubscouts and has switched from outdoor soccer to indoor soccer.  Annalise just finished outdoor soccer too – both kids were awesome.  She is still gymnastics queen.