HopeBuilder Trampoline Assembled 1/25/14
HopeBuilder Trampoline Assembled 1/25/14

This experience was a backblast screaming to be written. It all started with a question by MDufresne, “Do you know anything about putting a trampoline together?  I got the kids one for Christmas, but we’ve not had a chance to put it together.” My response, “No.” Experience didn’t keep most of us from making our first post with guys dressed in black and gathering somewhere in the neighborhood of 0545. An email was send with a need for a family and the PAX assembled. All willing to help following Catalyst and Pullen workouts, post coffetoria.

YHC arrived with 2.0 to get a lay of the land. Parts were laid out, instructions were no where to be found. This is going to be fun. PAX arrived and MDufresne announced she was headed to Dunkin Donuts for the PAX. Alternate training for the Krispy Kreme Challenge was in our future!

Having an attorney present, it was decided photography would not be allowed. It was our own adaptation of the disclaimer, or perhaps self preservation. Countrywide found the directions and indicated he had put one of these contraptions together before. Countrywide singlehandedly saved us a couple of hours, our pride, and likely bodily injury. Next challenge – head to head spring stretcher competition between Chong Li and White Shoe. We were limited by only having one spring stretcher, so the world may never know who is faster!

If you think an F3 workout is hard, try attempting fine motor skills like tying strands of elastic together or threading bolts with your fingers after standing out in 20 degree temps for 90 minutes. If finishing an F3 workout feels rewarding, it can’t compare to watching Dufresne’s 2.0s jump and laugh on something we had a hand in assembling. We all visited with Dufresne and opted to forgo the photo ban.  Watching how much fun the kids were having was too much to pass up. Many thanks to MDufresne for the coffee and Dunkin Donuts. PAX, YHC can’t thank you enough for your time and effort!

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  • This is the kind of stuff I’m proud to be a part of!!! Unfortunately, I was getting my butt kicked twice in basketball that morning while this would have been way more rewarding. Well done guys….even you Wilson.

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