As YHC arrived at the site for the morning beatdown, people had already arrived. After exiting his vehicle and planting the shovelflag, YHC expected to see others join him. But as more and more cars filled the parking lot, only two others joined the Q at the shovelflag. Then with only one minute left the “others” emerged from their vehicles. An entire crop of tomatoes – dressed in spandex and armed with yoga mats- filled the parking lot. The Q momentarily considered rolling up his sleeves and starting a gun show to impress these invaders. But the time had come for the pain to begin. So the sleeves remained down and the biceps un-flexed. There were only three with justifiers and without yoga mats. Taking a final glace at all the spandex around us, we exited the staging area and entered the gloom.

Warm Up with Andy and Opie:
SSH x 15
Windmills x 15
Imperial Walkers x 15
Fazio Arm Circles x 8 x 8

Shuffle to the Steps on the south side of the lake:
Quick Feet x 10
Mini Jump-Ups x 10

Mosey to the Island for three sets of
Merkins x 8
Diamonds x 3/EKG x 3/P90X x 5
Homer to Marge (Regular/left leg up/ right leg up) x 10

Work our way over to the fountainless pool for three sets of:
Carolina Dry Docks x 8
Mountain Climbers x 8
Walking Plank x 5

Dance up to the Tennis Courts for:
What else do you do on Tennis Courts – Suicides!
two sets of
Forward – Reverse
and Karaoke

Trot over to the Upper Pavilion for 3 sets of:
Dips x 10
Alternating Left/Right Step Ups x 10

Wander back to the Island for three sets of:
People’s Chair x 20
Donkey kicks (L/R/Alternating) x 10

Sashay past the Playground to the Amphitheater for Mary
Heels to Heaven x 10
LBC x 10
Hello Dolly x 10
Rotating Crunch x 10
Rosalitas x 10
WW II Sit Ups x 10
Peter Parkers x 10
Parker Peters x 10

The presence of all the tomatoes had the Q rethinking all the Homer to Marge had had planned. But he knew it would be a sad thing to cause all these young ladies to think impure thoughts, and leave them filled with such unwholesome desires.
Our intention was to do our 6MOM on the playground. Alas, it had become the tomato garden complete with yoga mats, so the PAX pushed on to the Amphitheater grass. We stayed focused (I’m not willing to say what we were focused on), and we completed the beatdown.

Just a reminder- The Forge is an FNG friendly workout. We will strive to remain a place where guys who “need to get in shape to get in shape” can join us. Low repetitions and plenty of 10 counts help make this a doable workout. Invite that #sadclown who works out with ferns to step off the treadmill and come breathe real air.

Quote/Verse of the Day:
24 Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize. 25 Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last, but we do it to get a crown that will last forever. 26 Therefore I do not run like someone running aimlessly; I do not fight like a boxer beating the air. 27 No, I strike a blow to my body and make it my slave so that after I have preached to others, I myself will not be disqualified for the prize. I Corinthians 9
Remember to run and train with purpose. Our discipline in the physical allows us to have discipline in the other areas of our lives as well.