Fourteen PAX convened at Fetzer Field bright and early Monday for an MLK Holiday beatdown. The Thang:

Warmup on east end of Fetzer Track: SSH, IW, Prisoner Squats, Windmills, Arm Circles, Merkins.

Move to IM fields in front of Carmichael Arena and circle up for half hour of heavy metal and bodyweight exercises. One PAX bear crawls appr. 50 yards and runs back; meanwhile, individual PAX are doing KB swings, DB curls, DB clean-and-press, merkins, Carolina dry docks, Jack Webbs, prisoner squats, merkins again, CDD again, mountain climbers, burpees, LBCs. When the first PAX finishes, he takes  spot in the circle and everyone rotates clockwise. Two full rotations with five double-merkin burpees at intermission.

Then Four Corners on the soccer field, running from one corner to the next and pausing at each corner for WWII situps, low-plank holds, Peter Parkers, four-count merkins.

For the homestretch we did two sets of spitting into two groups, one doing 15 count dips and the other People’s Chair, rotating through twice.

Then back to the Fetzer track for Mary: LBCs, Russian Hammers, Rosalitas, Homer to Marge, Freddy Mercuries, Rocky Balboas.

Welcome to Easy Rings from Charlotte, who was visiting Chapel Hill for the Sunday night basketball game and found our workout the perfect decompression following a trip to Disney World with two pre-schoolers.