Haven House Holiday Party

The Party

The Haven House Holiday Party is coming up on Wednesday, 12/06/17 at 1700. There will be food, boxing and an inspirational guest speaker courtesy of Grease Monkey. The F3Raleigh PAX, led by MacGruber, are collecting monetary donations as well as requesting help to volunteer.

The Planning

  • Fundraising and money collection: Epoxy and Mister Rogers
  • Menu and Food Purchasing: Franzia and Single-Wide
  • Coordination of cooking: Hambone and Franzia
  • Confirming the speaker: Grease Monkey and Denali

How You Can Help

Please consider making a financial contribution. We are looking to cover the cost of the food, and anything extra will go to the kids at Haven House. This is a really worthwhile event with big-time community impact. Won’t you think about a PayPal donation today?

Donate via PayPal

How to Donate:

Click the ‘Donate to PayPal’ button or visit https://www.paypal.com/

Log in and click ‘Pay or Send Money’

Use the ‘Send money to friends and family’ option

Send your donation to Epoxy (mbond72@gmail.com) or Mister Rogers (samuel.harris@wellsfargo.com)


Also, please attend the event on 12/06/17 at 1700. We could use your help to serve food and to clean up. Hey also – M’s and 2.x’s are invited!


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