Last year I saw Moonshine post a picture of fake tombstones in his truck for his Q on Halloween. I immediately knew I would steal borrow this idea. It just so happened that when Wall-E took my last Q spot at Crucible for his maiden Q, I had the opportunity to take the next available date… Halloween.

Juggles and I did a little prep work the night before and spent a few minutes running around a public park, dressed in all black, wearing black gloves and headlamps, carrying glow sticks and tomb stones at 5:30am on Halloween. What could possibly go wrong?

We were greeted back at the parking lot by 11 veterans and 1 FNG for a total of 14 PAX ready to celebrate Halloween. A full disclaimer for our FNG and then here’s what happened:

Warm Up
Side Straddle Hop x25
Good Mornings x10
Imperial Walkers x25
Sir Fazio Arm Circles x12 each way
Nipplers x25

The Thang
Mosey to the Big Loop. There were 5 tomb stones semi-lit by glow sticks around the loop. Each had a number and type of exercise and the method of travel to the next tomb stone. The PAX would begin and travel the loop. Plank hold when you return. Of course it was Halloween and what’s a run through a graveyard if you aren’t being chased. YHC decided one PAX would be Michael Myers on each loop we completed. “Michael” would give the others a head start and then try to pass as many as he could. If you were passed, you were dead (but you still had to complete your loop so no benefit in being caught.

The “Michael”s – Papercut, Juggles, ManRam, Pink Slip

The Tomb Stones – 10 Burpees – Bear Crawl to next Tomb Stone
15 Merkins – Run
20 Mountain Climbers – Lunge Walk
25 Squats – Run
30 LBCs – Run

Lots of dead PAX along the way. Great work by everyone.

We did 4 loops total, with plank work and BTTW in between loops. During Balls to the Wall, our FNG counted down 10,9,8,7,6,4,3,2,1. Not sure if it was the blood rushing to his head or not, but he skipped 5. It will never be forgotten. He is now.. Number 5.

Mosey back to the Parking Lot for Mary

Box Cutters x25
H2M x25
Rosalita x25
American Hammer x25

Forum on Mondays at Panera on Six Forks at Forum/Colonnade Drive. Studying Sermon on the Mount.

3rd F event benefiting Neighbor to Neighbor this Thursday.

CDC travelling.
Those still affected by the floods.
Those out on Halloween night.
Health issues raised.

CDC took us out with strong words as always. After his trip, we’ll be expecting his next prayer in French.