Muggy day on Fletcher Field with the Blitz Boys swapping out for the Ball Bearings reinforcements.  Au Pair itching to take off his shirt (which Villa already did).

Even with some missing regulars, the beat goes on.  In honor of the occasion, your humble correspondent sported an original F3 Raleigh yellow shirt made of that odd synthetic material that feels like cotton and polyester got married, had kids, and soaked ’em in Rain X.  And then ironed on a patch from the Y Guides Winter Inning.

The Thang:

Warm Up:  Run around like Lee Ragsdale.  Climb Hamburger Hill.  SSHs; Sir Fazio Arm Circles; Imperial Walkers; Mericans

Operation Myrtle Keel Over: 12-120yd wind sprints.  Some planking in between.  Some before and after warm up butt kickers, etc.  Goal here was to tax the heart rate.  We did.

Punchbowl: Stand at the bottom behind the backstop before you get to the Buddy Shoe Pavillion and run up to sidewalk. 20 Prisoner Squats.  Back to Oak Tree.  20 Prisoner Squats.  Up the other hill.  20 Prisoner Squats.  Back to Oak Tree.  20 Prisoner Squats.  Repeato.

Pavilion: 10 Dead Hang Pull Ups; 20 Mericans; 10 Dead Hang Pull Ups; 20 Mericans; 10 Dead Hang Pull Ups; 20 Dips.

Dog Legs to the Left.  Twice up the Dog Leg.  20 Incline Mericans at each stone bench; to the Lamp (not the actual Lamp who sells his time by 6 minute increments); 5 Singe Leg Burpees; Back to Bottom; Repeato.  (Somewhere in there we did some bonus pull ups, some dead hangs, and some half pull up hangs).

Mary at the Stone Circle:  AOCs, Hello Dollys, Russian Hammers, Low Plank Hold Around the Horn.


  • I am writing this with a heavy heart after hearing about the tragic passing of a guy named Simon that we called Ringworm.  I wasn’t lucky enough to know him well, but I knew him enough from a few workouts at Ball Bearings and Heavy Metal that we did together in the Fall.  What I would have told you this morning before I heard about his passing is that I definitely remembered him vividly.  He was a big guy from up in the mountains with a hearty laugh–a good and decent kid.  I say kid because he was young.  Way too young for what happened to happen.  He was razor sharp and had a funny sense of humor that showed when he told us last Thanksgiving time about his family tradition of going up to the casino all together during the holidays.  He readily admitted to driving a beat up Buick or town car or something that he would bring screaming into port on the way to a workout.  When I read the account of his passing in the newspaper, something else shown through.  He clearly worked his tail off running his own business.  I don’t do that, but I know that the guys that do have a different mettle than most, with the wolf so close to the door and nothing to fall back on but your own wits.  But even the time and attention necessary to be successful starting out didn’t stop him from continuing service to a camp that he clearly loved.  Reports are that he did all of that for free so his pay could be donated to get more kids to the camp he loved.  Words are impossibly cheap, but clearly Simon Everett was among the best we could ask for.  It is a testament to him that my fleeting interaction with him left a mark.  And the story of his tragically short life reinforces the indelible mark he leaves among those around him.  Clearly his memory will reverberate long after today among those who knew and loved him.  I imagine that there’s a gaping hole in a summer camp up in the mountains today and a gaping hole in a family that loved him so very dearly.  May he rest easy and in peace, and may the grace of the Almighty ease the pain of his loving family and his friends from all over this State. Let it be so.