Getting ready for my Q coming up on the last day of January, I kept checking the forecast, which called for temps in the 20s all week. I tried to think of a workout to take this into account, which involved 2 things, some kind of shelter, and we had to keep it moving. There would be no planking out there!! As it turned out the temperature was a balmy 30 degrees upon arrival at the Forge, and we had 22 eager pax ready to hit the road.

So we were off and running, after a brief disclaimer

Warm Up

Run to upper parking lot and circle up:

  • Good mornings x 20
  • Imperial Walkers x 25
  • SSH X 20
  • Mericans X 20
  • Mtn Climbers X 20


The Thang

  • Run to Reynolds parking deck bottom level
  • Run up the deck, stopping at every turn for mericans, 5 reps at first stop.
  • Continue up deck increasing 5 reps at every turn, ending with 40 reps at the top of deck
  • Run back down stopping for hammers at every turn 5 reps added at every turn.
  • increase count to the bottom.


  • Run back to park for a stop at the shelter by the lake.
  • Series of exercises with ladder from 5-20 reps increasing by 5 on each series.
  • Irkins 5-20
  • Right left step ups 5-20
  • Dips 5-20
  • Derkins 5-20.

Finish with a brisk run around the lake


Circle up and had 4 pax who have not done a Q lead us in an ab exercise.

  • LBC x 20
  • Low slow flutter x 20
  • WW2 sit ups x 20
  • Mericans x 20



KK Challenge this Saturday the 4th Feb, converge at Pullen at 6:45

The Mule begins at Pullen on Saturday the 4th of March at 6:00. About 8 miles, 5 AOs, 4 hours of great fun.

Closed with a verse and prayer for several needs:

Matt. 5: 13-16

We are to be light in our world of darkness. There are many dark places in our world today and as leaders in our families, communities, and at our place of work, we need to dispel the darkness  with the light Christ has placed within us.

We have at least 25-30 regular Pax at the Forge. The Challenge was put out for each pax to Q at least 2 workouts a year, and we will have the site covered.

It was a pure pleasure to lead these fine men this morning.


Fluoride out