14 PAX descended upon Williams Park to get a little stronger on the first Monday of the year. We were blessed to be venturing into the gloom under a full moon and finally no rain in the forecast for a change. With the moon positioned perfectly at 0545 we took off.

Mosey over to the basketball courts for a little warm-up;

SSH x 25

Good Mornings x 20

Spiderman Merkin x 15

Windmills x 20

Assembled into an Indian run around the loop stopping at the volleyball courts for left right to taps x 20.

Mosey over to the shelter and count off by 2’s. 1’s sprint the loop while 2’s do People’s Chair

For those at home it took roughly two minutes for 1’s to sprint the loop. Flapjack.

Repeato with 2’s doing Balls To The Wall. Flapjack.

Repeato with 2’s doing 10  x Erkins, 10 x Merkins, 10 x Derkins x 2 or until loop runners make it back around. Flapjack.

Repeato with 2’s doing Prisoner Squats using the benches to make sure your six touched the bench. I used this trick to make sure Orwell would do proper form because by the fourth loop run he was mumbling a little louder than normal. Flapjack.

Mosey over to the tennis courts stopping briefly to pick a rock for Mary.

Had to improvise a little here do to time restraints.

Rock Curls x 10, Shoulder Press x 10, Triceps Curl x 10

WWII Sit-Ups x 20

Rock Curls x 10, Shoulder Press x 10, Triceps Curls x 10

American Hammers x 20

Freddie Mercury x 20


Prayers for Pink Slips 2.0. (hearing results were positive) Big TCLAPS.


This was the first Monday of the New Year so  EH someone our re-EH someone again. Also, EH your fellow PAX to Q and sign up to Q at a sight you do not regularly attend. You will be glad you did and a better person because of it. Wilson says so. Look for Wilson to Q more frequently in 2015. Wether this is a bad thing or not we will find out together. See you in the Gloom.



Mud Run April. Start forming your teams now. Great way to motivate yourself to Post when the temps fall into the teens and below.

3F Panera Bread Book of John high noon every Monday. See Grady or Friar Tuck for more info.