The sun was shinning. Fudd was hunting gobblers. Geppetto was early. Zima was close behind. Flush was not to be denied. Joule got lost on his way to Whiplash. Then we chased him the rest of the day. HoJo bumped fists, shook hands and welcomed one and all. Overdraft arrived with Wilson riding shotgun. “I don’t want to be here” Wilson proclaimed as he stepped into the AO. The cheese was represented with funk from Deliverance and cheddar from Kiper. Blue Horseshoe emerged from the bushes when no one was looking and disappeared just the same. Man Ram found us a few minutes into the thang, but remained late into an extended coffeteria, wearing sweet, mirrored shades. The day was Goose and Maverick rolled into one and presented to us for our taking. It was, as LifeAlert reminded us, a good morning, indeed.

We began with a mosey and circled up in front of First Citizen’s. SSH x40 was first. Then Man Ram arrived. Imperial Walkers x20, Plank Jacks x30, and a call for Good Mornings for Life Alert because “it’s the main reason I come out.” We did them x10, which wasn’t enough. But this Q had plans, and the morning was young.

We continued our yog over and into the new tower. 10 Burpees, 10 Freddies, then up. Add another Burpee and Freddy at each level you reach. 75 was the total for each. Squat Hold and Plank. Then back down the deck, descending your count, but w/ Star Jumps and WWIIs this time through. People’s Chair at the bottom w/ leg work and presses until all were arrived.

Run out this tower and into the next. BTW x20 down in the depths. Sprint up the ramp, a steep and curving beast. 7 Diamonds at the stairs, then return to the start. Gather and do it again with 14 Wide-Grips. Repeat with 21 Standard. Then once again, with 5 Burpees, but this time continue up the stairs, stopping at each level for 5 more Burpees (25 total). This was as totally sucktastic as it reads here.

At the top, finish out the other exercises to reach 100 of each: 25 Star Jumps, 25 Freddy Mercs, 25 WWIIs.

With time running out, we jogged down the ramps, and gathered at the fountain: Irkins x15, Dips x12, Irkins x10, Dips x8, now mosey on home.

We circled the VSF and did LBCs for Fudd x30, and Good Mornings for all x30.

Then the sun rose higher. Payers were said. Coffee was consumed. And more fists were bumped. It was a good morning. A good morning, indeed.