YHC heard a clown car from Holly Springs was making the trip and a possible FNG making the trip out for #GettingtheRuns!  Stove Pipe insisted he wanted to enter the scary area of his brain when he is by himself with a 100lb sack on his back! Jackson who eventually remembered his F3 name Parakeet… close one there brother as we had Wanda in waiting for you. Mumble Chatter and found out Skid Marks frequents my new homestead which is near the Drag Strip in Benson.  5:30, lets get to work.

In cadence (x10)
SSH, Butt kickers, High knees, Squats

Stove Pipe grabs his bag and is seen later mumbling to himself in the woods, good work brother!

Indian Run to Lake Benson shelter, which with 7 guys made for nice sprint to the front.

Dora 1-2-3, partner up for 100 picnic table box jumps, 200 merkins, 300 plank jacks.  Feel like I need to do 100 each myself this afternoon to make up for the work that Pickachu and Skid Marks did.

PAX Burpees until the six finished

Scout run to White Deer Park, run to bottom of greenway hill, sprint to top with Double D continuing on as our rabbit, LBC’s In cadence 10x (PNG), catch DD, squats in cadence 10 count (Parakeet), catch DD, Peter Pan Merkins in cadence 10 count (Skid Marks)  JAILBREAK with parakeet sand baging and then crushing us at the finish.  Great push by Labrat, PNG, DD, Parakeet, Skid Marks, Pickachu, and Stove Pipe (#GettintheRucks) today.

With 4 minutes remaining Plank-a-rama with no recovery, Regular, chill cut, R arm up, R arm and leg up, Regular, L arm, L arm and leg up, Regular, R arm front, regular, L arm front, regular, R arm and L leg  up, L arm and R leg up. Recover.

BOM/COT: Labrat traveling, Stretch M’s grandma with hospice, Austin (DD nephew) out of rehab from FL.

Annoucements: Holly Springs Half, great event and should have some great F3 representation there! #Sasquach in F3 ENC coming up soon, better start getting the mileage up!