5 PAX came to DETOX this morning to pay tribute to our fallen soldiers, but not in your standard “Memorial Day Murph” way.

What these PAX endured was a mere glimpse of what combat can be like. When all the planning and practice doesnt prepare you for the worst case scenario, man down.

We began with a short jog around the parking, symbolizing getting dropped off at the wrong location and having to move to the objective. During our movement, we came under fire forcing us to get down low( and complete 10 hand release pullups) we conducted IMT drills to move across a large open area, completing 10 hand release pushups with each movement. One long sprint stood in between us and better cover. As the enemy began to zero in on us, it was now or never. One by one we sprinted across the parking, under heavy fire, all made it across except the last man, who wasnt so lucky. Laying in the middle, two of his team had to run back for him(all completing 10 burpees) and then we moved to cover. Our next movement brought us around the track where cover was scarce, so we had to low crawl across the field to maintain cover. One man was shot while crossing the field, and we had to perform CPR to keep him alive(10 merkins per man) we still needed to get out of there, so we buddy carried the wounded out, up and down the soccer field(AIr squats in between switching partners) After making it around the track we had to get back across the open area to our exfil site. Sprinting across the parking lot, we made it safely across. We made, we are alive.

This workout was not difficult, but it showed a glimpse of the frustration and terror that even the greatest of operators feel when shit goes wrong. The men we honor today, they left behind family, friends, voids that beg to be filled. The anguish the dead leave is almost unbearable at times. But we stick together. We live our lives for those that are no longer with us. WE stick together as brothers, holding each other accountable. F3 has given me that brotherhood again. I am thankful for my F3 family. You have kept me alive. RLTW

Prayers for the fallen. May they Rest Easy.