Warm Up

Lap Around Fetzer

SSH(Cadence 25), Arm Circles front and back, Windmill (10 cadence)

Half stairs up and down to the tower booth then up to the IM fields.

The Thang:

Circle up for the Four Corners of Pain.  PAX exercise and then sprint after each to opposite corner of soccer fields(4 corners)

Pain Circle 1

Merkins (1 minute OYO)

WWII (1 minute in cadence)

Carolina Dry Docks (1 minute OYO)

Air Squats (1 minute in cadence)

Partner Up

50 yard wheel barrows with partner.  Hit the 50 yard line and switch places with partner

Suicides, one round on soccer field.

Pain Circle 2

Buddy Derkins (25-30 derkins.  buddy is on ground holding partners feet in the air while he performs derkins.  25-30 then switch up.

Army Sit Ups (buddy holds your feet while you crank out sit ups 1 Minute then switch)

Carolina Dry Docks (1 minute OYO)

Walking Lunges 18 yard marker to other 18 on the soccer field

30 seconds jump squats OYO

30 seconds merkins max out OYO

To the track:

start with slow pace Indian Run with sprints.  Hit the scoreboard sign and sprint the last 200 meters.

Running out of time so decide to do a hold as long as you can Bows to Toes.  Stopped 2 minutes plus when some groans were heard by Q.


Thank you for the opportunity to lead and be led.  Take each day and serve those around you and make an impact on each and every encounter you have this week.