YHC felt led to venture into new territory at True Grit this morning, and thought why not give the 19 pax a tour of my own neighborhood, Inman Park?  Can’t say that I’m the most creative when it comes to naming new exercises, but I did my best with such catchy names as “Inman 5’s”, “Inman Incline” and “Inman Ascent.”


Seal Jacks x 20; Sir Fazio Arm Circles x10 x10; Mountain Climber Merkins x15

Run to the Greenway, but instead of turning left to Shelley Lake, we take a right under the Millbrook Road bridge and head out on a 7 minute run to the Inman Park side trail, with a stop at 3 minutes for 15 Star Jumps OYO.  Lunge walk over the bridge.

Take the gravel road to the Inman Incline, a small but sorta steep hill just below the neighborhood pool.  Here the pax were introduced to the Inman 5’s:

  • Bear crawl up, 5 merkins
  • Bear crawl down, 10 merkins
  • Bear crawl up, 15 merkins
  • Bear crawl down, 20 merkins
  • Bear crawl up, 25 merkins

Jog over to the pool parking lot, partner up.  Partner carry to other end of lot, then carrying partner does low plank hold while riding partner side jumps over partner, does 1 burpee, side jump backs over x10.  Flapjack and repeat at other end of lot.

Standard suicides length of parking lot with 3 stops about 20 yards apart.

Back to Inman Incline for Inman 3’s – see above for Inman 5’s but only do increments of 3 this time, and replace standard merkin with wide grip merkin, finish at bottom with 12 wide grip merkins.  Conquer the Inman Ascent, a short but steep gravel hill that can be a lung buster.

Back to the Greenway for the return run to Shelley.  As we round the final corner and see the Millbrook bridge in the distance, the pax begin to think the pain is about over with only Mary remaining.  NOT.  Time for some Burpee Broad Jumps – about 75 yards to just before the bridge.

Run to the top field at Shelley and sprint up the last hill.  Circle up for Mary.

Mary:  Freddie Mercury’s x30, American Hammers x30, Hollow Rocks x15


Announcements – surprisingly few this morning.  Q’s needed for The Arena at The Healing Place.  Sign up sheet can be accessed on Schedule Page or Twitter Page for F3 The Arena.

Prayer Requests – continued prayers for Dufresne and his family

Friar Tuck took us out.

Thanks men!  An honor to Q this morning, and glad to be back at full health.  Hope you enjoyed the hospitality.