“Just when you thought it couldn’t get more humid, today happened.” – Maize. That about sums it up. Down right nasty sweatbox conditions for 14 this morning. The plan was to go off site and conquer some new ground. No disclaimer needed. Costco shows up a little late and asks where we are going. Too late…. we were off.


Jog up Millbrook to North Hills Drive

Quick warm-up so Costco can drop the boys off – GM x 10, IW x 10, Fazio L/R x 15. Costco reappears gloveless. Let’s go

The Thang

Run up North Hills to first apartment complex on the right. Partner up. Quick loop with 10 and 20 partner clap merkins each time you meet. Just one loop.

Run up North Hills – 10 Burpees at each street along the way (3 streets)

Stopping at Wintergreen Dr for Little Baby Dips (LBD) x 15

Right on Wintergreen Dr to Pine Tree Ct (nice little culdesac with (9% grade).

7s – Spiderman merkins at the bottom & Star jumps at the top

Jog back down to corner of North Hills and Wintergreen Dr

LBD x 15

Indian run back down North Hills Drive to Shelley Rd. Tinkertoy took a nasty spill toward the end but gritted it out to finish.

Flutters x 20

Partner chase down Shelley Rd with hand release merkins x 5

Flutters x 20 at the bridge.

Derkins x 15, irkins x 15, single leg squat L/R x 10 – mosey back to the parking lot


Hollow body v-ups, plank, R arm/leg high, L arm/leg high, chilcut, Makhtar ndiaye x 10… done.

Announcements – 9/11 stair climb at NC State 0530, Haven House moving to Thursday

Prayer requests – Fry Daddy as he continues his journey in life and moves on from Healing Transitions.

Zima took us out eloquently. Thank you, sir!


  • True Grit – I think of my father who did three tours in Vietnam before age 22. He has loads of medals including the purple heart, combat infantryman’s badge and bronze star with valor. He’s faced the enemy and he’s faced fear head on. I’m proud of him and all he has done for this country and our family. But… I don’t know if he’s accepted Christ. “Grit” to me means courage to face your fears and push forward when things are tough or uncertain.  If knowing Christ is the single most important decision in a person’s life, we must have the “grit” to spark the conversation. It’s not easy for me though. Sometimes those closest to us need it and I find myself staying quiet. Time here is limited. I need to have the ‘grit’ to have the conversation. Zima prayed for that today. Thank you.
  • Papercut’s 2.0 Aquaman hung in there today. Not many 9 year olds could do that. Nice work.
  • Hot. Humid. Steamy. Nasty. Suck. Grit. – all words that applied to today’s workout.

Always a pleasure.