F3 Raleigh Day of Service & Juneteenth Celebration

PAX of F3 Raleigh (any beyond),

As promised when it was originally announced, I’m happy to share an updated and finalized agenda for our F3 Raleigh Day of Service & Juneteenth Celebration scheduled for 6/19.

As a reminder, this will be an opportunity for PAX across our region to come together and participate in a day where all 3 F’s – Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith – are available. Not only are we using this opportunity to come together as a region, but we’re also using this as a chance to learn more and celebrate Juneteenth; a holiday celebrating the emancipation of those who had been enslaved in the United States.

See below our schedule for the day and what we’ll need from you.

F3 Raleigh Day of Service & Juneteenth Celebration

0700 – 0830: 1st F – CSAUP – join us for a “mini-Mule” to start the day with the 1st F. We will launch from Vatican City (Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral) promptly at 0700 and venture through the surrounding area, returning right at 0830. We will be visiting nearby AO’s The Forge & The Trudge for beatdowns delivered by Don’t Fix It, Bike Shorts, & Hashbrown! The route is expected to be 3.5 – 4.5 miles (with beatdown mileage included). A ruck option will be available for those interested. Reach out to Coco Crisp.

0900 – 1145: 3rd F – Community Service Projects – Sign up to support a service project at one of our local non-profits. We encourage you to sign up for a non-profit or organization that you may not be familiar with yet and PAX you may not post with often!

1.  Lost Sheep Outreach Ministry with Phil Brickle

Lost Sheep Outreach Ministry (lostsheepoutreachministry.org) has been led by Rev. Phil Brickle for the last 25 years.  The ministry cares for hundreds and hundreds of people in need and provides clothing, food, and worship services.

5 PAX are needed to help clean and organize one of the clothing storage units with Phil.  It will be a laugh a minute with Phil as he is a larger-than-life person.

The address of the storage unit is 4214 Capital Blvd. (Saf-T Storage).

2.  Southeast Raleigh Table Church (SERT)

SERT is led by Pastor Lisa Yebuah.  SERT is a multi-ethnic church that seeks to help people understand the Bible in biblically just ways.  As they say, race is always on the table at SERT (seraleightable.org).  

5 PAX are needed to help clean and organize the Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall and several kids’ rooms.  It will include some repairing of windows and doors if any men have that skill.  We need someone with a truck to haul off garbage.

The address of SERT is 1950 New Bern Ave. and Kelly Chapman will be our contact there. 

3.  Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N)

N2N is led by Yoda (aka Royce Hathcock).  We will need 10-15 PAX to help with landscaping work from 9-11:45 AM with 5 of those guys splitting off at 10:30 AM to help prepare a meal for 100 people in need.  Sylvester Fleming from First Baptist Church will be cooking the meal with these 5 guys.  He will also be cooking for the F3 PAX that attend the cookout at 12:00.

**We will need 2 F3 PAX to help Sylvester prepare for the meal at N2N from 6 – 6:45 AM.**

1200 – 1300: 2nd F – Meal Serving/Fellowship Cookout – PAX will reconvene at N2N to serve the prepared meal to the 100 people in need as well as enjoy some fellowship with eachother We are also planning on having discussions and opportunities to learn more about Juneteenth from members of the African-American community in Raleigh.

In that, we need to raise $1,000 for the cookout for the people in need and for the F3 lunch.  If you are unable to attend the event, would you consider making a small contribution to St. Francis Springs Retreat Center that will then in turn write a check to pay for the meal?  Donations can be made by following the link below. We are planning to reach our fundraising goal by Thursday, 6/17.


What do I do next?

Since our space will be limited by service opportunity, please sign up for the option you would like to support by Friday, 6/18.  Please only sign up for one (1) slot. If you are bringing a 2.0, please do not use an additional slot. They will be a part of your HC.


Reach out to Coco Crisp (@F3_CocoCrisp or kjmaloney93@gmail.com) with questions or concerns We’re looking forward to making this a great event for our region and one we can duplicate each year!