A couple of weeks ago, in a galaxy far, far away… 4 men drug themselves from their fartsacks and gathered in the downtown Raleigh gloom for a little pre-run down Edenton, Hillsborough and back on Morgan. It was a quick paced 2.5 miles, with few if any cars to disturb the chatter. All was right with the world. For the moment.

Upon their return a crowd had gathered at the base of the History Museum. 33 in all. But they weren’t there to relive the past. They came to look toward the future. To get better. And maybe have a little fun in the process.

No FNGs so a short disclaimer was given…Push yourself, don’t hurt yourself. And then the group was asked to “follow me”. Into the street. Directly into the path of a passing police car. The officer hit the brakes. And stared at us. And us at him. It was only a second, but felt like a minute. Then, realizing he wasn’t going to charge us with jaywalking, or berate us for running into the street, we went on our way. 33 men. Jaywalking. In front of an officer. It must of looked like a clown car. “Oh, one guy crossing the road. Wait, there’s another. And another. Shit there’s a whole bunch of idiots.

Warm Up
With that out of the way.
Quick jog around the Capitol & GA Building, back to the plaza
Burpees until all arrive, plus 5 for good measure
Plank Jacks  x20
Iron Cross (on back, leg2arm)  x10
Diamond Merkins  x20
Scorpion (on stomach, leg2arm)  x10
SSH  x20
Good Mornings  x10

Parking Lot Four Corner 11s
Jog over to a parking lot, plank in center
Divided PAX into 4 groups with the “you guys, you guys, etc” method of division, each group starting in a diff corner
11s w/ Burpees and Freddie Mercuries
1st corner: 1 Burpee and 10 Freddies (1 = L+R)
Sprint clockwise to next corner, 2/9, 3/8 etc
Return to center and plank work till all arrive

Guv’nor’s Square Inverted Pyramid
Mosey over to the Mansion, admire the old bricks
Standard Merkins  x25
Dying Cockroaches  x25
Sprint to the next corner
Subtract 5 at each corner
Finish where we started with 5
Squat-to-Planks and some Nipplers to pass the time

Field Work
Cut behind the NC Archives and over to the big lawn
Partner up in groups of 3 for a Partner Wheelbarrow Chase down the lawn (say what)
Partner 1 is the wheelbarrow,  2 carries the barrow,  3 does 20 LBCs then runs to catch the barrow
Rotate 1 to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to 1.
The chaser becomes the barrow, the barrow becomes the carrier, the carrier drops and does LBCs.
This was an absolute #crowdpleaser. It’s a very, very long lawn.

AYG back to the start
Alternating step-ups till all arrive
Hammers to finish it out, maybe something else

Strong prayer by Overdraft

Naked Mole
Well, a lot of other things happened. There was great mumble chatter. Unfortunately it was 2 weeks ago. And I have very little recollection of the details other than our first steps and the encounter with the popo. And someone had beans, I do remember that. Oh, and I called Clockwise and started rotating counter clockwise. Just keeping everyone on their toes. Otherwise, it was a blur. A very good blur.

As always, an honor to lead.