Want to make an impact for good? Take the Endure2020 challenge sponsored by F3Raleigh and F3Carpex.

All proceeds go to benefit Haven House Services — a registered 501c3 with 11 programs that help more than 1,200 youth each year overcome challenges and find a path to success! Together, we can make a difference and our youth need us now more than ever.

Check out https://havenhouse.rallybound.org/endure2020 for all the details, registration, and donations!

October 3rd
Finish before 3pm

Teams of 5 will Bike, Run, or Ruck or any combination of the three, for three consecutive hours.
Score the most points you can during your three hour effort.
You will combine your score with your teammates.
Team members do not have to complete the challenge at the same time or in the same place. This challenge can be completely virtual!

Points per mile:
1 – Bike
2 – Road Running
3 – Single-Track Trail Running
4 – Rucking

The team with the most combined points will be the Endure2020 Winners.
The team with the largest team donation will be the Endure2020 Champions.
As an F3 sponsored event, the F3 region with the highest average team score also wins. Any and all regions are welcome to compete.

Tracking Details:
Give a donation and use your team name as your Displayed Name or Company Name. We will connect your team together using this method.
***F3 team names should be formatted: “F3Region – Team Name”
Have a team captain create a team on Strava.
Your team captain will submit your team’s results including hyperlinks to your Strava activities after the competition is complete.

Click Donate above to register for the challenge and/or make a donation to Haven House.
When giving a donation make your Display Name or Company Name your team name. We will use this data to connect team donations. F3 teams should be formatted “F3Region – Team Name”

A donation of $200 per team is suggested, but any amount is accepted and will enable your entry to Endure2020.