This morning, 9 PAX arrived to Chavis Park for the most recent installment of Ambassador.

As Ambassador is a weekend destination for our Healing Transitions clients, YHC anticipated a belated clown car. Alas, per Peach Pit’s direction (at 0730), no such clown car was inbound and we modified the original plan accordingly.

-Jog out of park and up around the sidewalk above Yoda’s Hill.
Towards curve in road, we turned back to hit football field.
-SSH x20, during which the mumble chatter was loud, and no counts were being done (except for Mr. Rogers). Count ended up at 24.
– Burpees OYO x24 (see above)
– Mountain Climbers

The Thang:

Mosey the way we came, out to MLK Blvd and back into park entrance, to YHC’s trunk.

Popped trunk to welcome back #TubeSteak! Kotters, you big beautiful beast.

Top of entry hill:
Time keeper runs down hill with Tube Steak, to MLK, and back while PAX do AMRAP exercises.
-Prisoner Squats
-6″ leg hold

Modified Jack Webb: 1 to 1, lunges to squats.

Repeato with tube steak.

Mosey to the stairs below tennis courts and Communiy center.
-Sprint stairs, one burpee at top.
-Bear crawl ramp, down stairs to start and 2 burpees.
Repeat until 10 burpees.

This proved to be a SMOKER and YHC almost spilled merlot. #looksbetteronpaper

Mosey to far end of park to hydrate (one at a time), while remaining PAX ran stone staircase (6x).

PAX roulette.

During COT, a woman walked up and asked us to pray for her as we started prayer requests. Her name is Denise, and she had encountered some hardships over the last few months. Orwell took the lead and offered up our circle to her, and she became the center of our BOM. Countrywide offered up incredible words and today, the men of Ambassador can walk away and confidently say we made a positive impact on the community.

On the other side of town, Peach Pit’s quest to collect the men of HT found him spending quality time with a few clients. His selflessness of time, energy and resources is exactly why F3 has made such an impact with HT clients. T-claps to you, Peach Pit. We missed you, but appreciate the time you spent with those clients.

It’s always an honor to lead. #ISI