If you’ve been to a Carpex AO since March 12 then you’ve heard of “The Bull”.
If you’ve been to a Carpex AO since March 12 then you’ve seen an obscene amount of orange shirts being worn.
If you’ve been to a Carpex AO since March 12 then you have DEFINITELY heard certain unnamed PAX ask, “Who here has done The Bull”?


…So I sought to change that.  Never having felt #FreedToLead DZ before I knew that needed to change.  And I knew if I couldn’t go to the Bull I had to bring the Bull to me.

So that’s what we did.
I read The Bull backblast.
“Who here has read The Bull backblast?”

I trimmed the fat and made a lean mean Carpex bulling machine!  So here it goes…

Warm Up

  • SSH x 20 IC

The Bull

  • Jog to picnic and do dips AMRAP as YHC explains our first leg of the Bull

First Leg:  The Traveling PAX

– Run to bridge, 20 Merkins
– Bear Crawl bridge
– Run to stairs, 20 Urkins
– Run to bottom, 20 Squats
– Repeat all the way back to the shelter and scissor kick until everyone returns

Second Leg:  The “Log Carry”

– Divide into two Platoons
– Log Carry (partner carry) your platoon a full lap around the parking lot
– Once your platoon gets back sprint to the basketball courts

– Losing Platoon:  25 Burpees
– Winning Platoon:  10 Burpees

Third Leg:  The “He Got Game”

– In the original the Bull platoons played a cute game of golfball collecting so that’s what we did…
– Each platoon on opposite ends of the bball court.  On my go PAX would race to the other side and grab a solo cup out of the fence and return it to their side.  Everytime you cross mid court you had to do a burpee.  This game was 3 mins.
–  Break for some flutter kicks.  Lots of flutter kicks in the original the Bull
–  Now repeat the game but with the bear crawl and bunny hop of the original the Bull… 3 mins again

4th Leg:  The “4 Corners”

–  This probably was the closest to the original the Bull I got.
–  4 corners w/ Burpee Island in the middle.
–  10 Diamond Merkins, 20 Hand Release Merkins, 30 Wide Grip, 40 REGULAR
–  When you cut across Burpee Island in the center of the field you stopped for 10 burpees.

We ended back at the basketball courts for some final things:

–  Full court Sprints
–  Rounds of Mary, including a new YHC favorite, the M Bug (see NMS for details)

Since this is soooo late to get posted I won’t put announcements and prayers.  I don’t really remember them exactly 🙁


  • There you have it.  The Bullpex.  Carpex Bulliem.  The DZ Bull.
  • Have you done the bull?  Yes, yes I have.  I have a simillar orange colored shirt to prove it.
  • It’s been a crazy two weeks for me with personal stuff and work.  Getting this posted is a huge burden lifted off my (good) shoulders.
  • I’ll probably clock out after I hit publish.
  • I’m writing this from the beach.  Probably as you read this I’m drinking a cold one with my toes in the sand.
  • It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.
  • I like this tactic of reading a backblast and copying it.  If you ever don’t know what to do, just find someone elses and do it.  If it sucks you just blame them.
  • My buddy and I have a contest of most Qs this year.  I’m ahead (9-8 right now) so I had to write this so it counts as an official Q
  • Shout out to Ollie for letting me steal this Q from him!
  • Ollie just laughed when he read I’ve done 9 this year.
  • He did 9 last week.
  • He’s like our Q version of Chuck Norris
  • “Ollie’s carry on when flying is a rucksack.
  • “Whence referring to the Bull, Ollie just calls it “Saturday”.
  • So I tried to intro a new Mary exercise.  YHC’s M likes to present me with new things from her gym class and so I took a leap of faith and intro’d it to the PAX.
  • It was severely torn to shreds when I mentioned the M.  I’ll be sure to bring it back as it is now known as the “M Bug”.
  • I think I named all the PAX right?  A week late publishing is a long time to remember…
  • When in doubt throw in a PBX.  That’s my strategy.

Shutty out.