Clear skies and cold temperatures welcomed the PAX to GTR, YHC decided to try Bubblewrap attire and go for shorts and long socks. No EC today but 4 PAX rolled in for some run centric work.  Objective for today is to get moving and stay warm.

Warm up: Jogging butt kickers, straight leg kick, high knees each 1 lap in parking lot.

The Thang:

Apache Run: (Reverse Scout) run back past the PAX running together as far as you want, you just have to sprint to catch back up with the PAX. Run from the church to R on Timber and run to Aldi sidewalk.

Death Valley: Run to each Street Light and alternate between 5 squats and 5 Merkins, all the way down and up the other side. Labrat decided to even do the busted light off the side road. Extra Effort Award goes to him.

Top of Timber: time to showcase F3 brotherhood in the 20 degree weather along timber. Pickin N Grinner and Merv wanted to do monkey humpers but YHC decided for Bear Crawl 40 yards, Jump squats back, Lunges 40 yards and Jump Squats back.

Scout Run back down Timber to Greenway entrance when we switched to Indian Run throughout the Greenway back to Aversboro Rd. Once the Flag was in sight YHC called for JAILBREAK!  Pickin N Grinning off to the quick start but faded back, Merv sprints out to the lead and holds YHC off until the first street but then had premature celebration.  JAILBREAK IS BACK TO THE FLAG! YHC was able to hold off Merv.  Great work today guys it was a challenge and fun as always sharing the pain in the gloom with you all.

COT/BOM: Continue to prayer for Merv’s friends Dad, Prayer for Labrat and decision making, PNG: Niece at home and doing better getting ready for surgery, Prayer for Crab Legs, Prayer for Ben and his recovery.

Announcements: CSAUP this Saturday

Continue to push yourself this winter guys, winter and summer runs make for spring and fall PR’s.

Stretch Out.