There haven’t been many sequels in the movie theater this summer, so why not dust off some old Q plans and create a sequel, F3 style, for the men of True Grit?  That is what the 10 brave pax who decided to roll out of bed and enter the humidity laden gloom at Shelley Lake were treated to today – no admission fees required.

It’s been well over a year since we’ve been to YHC’s home turf of Inman Park, so that was the plan for today.


GM x 20, Seal Jacks x 15, I/W x 15


Run to path underneath Shelley Road bridge, find a spot on the fence for derkins x 15.

Continue on a quick pace jog for about a mile to the Inman Park access trail.  Lunge walk the bridge, head over to the base of the grassy hill, crab walk up the hill, and head over to the pool parking lot.

Merkin Clock with a happy hour stop at 5 o’clock for Air Curls x 5.  For those unfamiliar with the Merkin Clock – it’s just like it sounds.  Start in plank position at 12 o’clock, do 12 merkins, rotate to 1 o’clock, do 1 merkins etc. until you get back around to 11 o’clock.  Total of 78 merkins with just a slight break to rotate to next hand on clock.

Jog over to the base of Mount Inman on Stannard Trail.  This is a beast of a hill that I would never run solo – it takes your brothers beside you for the motivation to conquer this thing.  Total of about 0.4 miles, steep and straight with 3 cul-de-sacs even spaced on the way up.

Round 1:  Run up the hill to 1st cul-de-sac.  Jump Lunges x 10, broad jump to the end of cul-de-sac and back.  Run to 2nd street.  Jump Lunges x 20, backwards run to the end of cul-de-sac and back.  Run to top of hill.  Jump Lunges x 30.  Run back down and squat hold while waiting for the six.

Round 2:  Same thing but with Burpees instead of Jump Lunges and Lunge Walk instead of Broad Jumps at the first stop.

Back to parking lot by pool. Set of stationary 7’s – double hand release merkins and high knee jump squats.

Quick pace jog back to starting point.


Freddy Mercury’s x 60, Hollow Rocks x 15


We are continuing to take donations of new or slightly used athletic shoes, shorts and shirts for the pax of The Arena.  If you have something, give them to Duff, CW, Zima or Orwell, or just post at The Arena.  These donations bring more FNGs to the Arena, so all help is appreciated.

Beta Test for new workout at Green Elementary this Thursday 5:30am – Zima is the site Q.

Prayer requests, and Man Ram took us out.

As always, a pleasure to lead at the site of F3 Raleigh’s manliest workout!!