30 PAX members assembled this AM for a few miles up and down Computer Drive. BRR is great for driving numbers as 30 guys is a great crew! Here’s how it went down:

.Mosey over to the North Hills parking lot – COP – SSH, GM, MC and Merkins.
.Mosey down to Computer Drive. Plank.
.Provide direction that was flawed (run on Computer Drive around the horseshoe turning around at each progressive driveway – six in total #failure) but the PAX prevailed in an audible that made the whole thing work.
.Pause at SECU parking lot to gather up the PAX at 6:20. Planks.
.Mosey back to home base.

6+ miles were logged.


Naked Moleskin

.So, F3 is obviously great for fitness and fellowship but also for leadership lessons. Pepe reminds YHC about his time fault the last Q of Tahoe prior to launching and instantly I’m focused on delivering what the PAX wants, timeliness. YHC got that one but unfortunately now the YHC needs to work on planning. A leader puts together a plan and executes on it. YHC quickly threw together a plan the day before but didn’t prepare my deliver of the number of turn around spots. Given the quick wit of the PAX, plan fault was instantly identified and feedback was provided (in the form of mockery). That’s a great feedback loop. For anyone that hasn’t lead, do it. It’s not just about working out every morning. We should learn something along the way too!
.Sunshine is not running the BRR. Ask him about it.
.Robert Villa is an expecting father. Ask him about it.
.Cinderella hurt his buttock during the work-out. Ask him about it.


.9/11 stairclimb and Brier Creek event in September.


.Men who graduated from Healing Transitions.
.Praise for YHC’s friends who’s son is getting better from his liver disease and will be transferred back home to Charlotte soon.

Always an honor to spend time with F3 men.