Group of 12 veterans at Juggernaut this morning. 6 for EC. Here’s what we done did.

EC: Grady, Superstar, CDC, Pygmy, Mayhem, Dingo 

11s – merkins and prisoner squats

Irkins x 10, dirkins x 10, irkins x 15, dirkins x 15

Ascending testicles – 10 counts x 3…. only because CDC was here did we do this one.

Pick up the PAX

Warm-up: SSH X 10, GM x 10, IW x 10, Fazio L/R x 15

It’s been a circuit kind of week….

The Circuit Thang:

Mosey down to the rock pile

Curls x 5, walk to top of hill with rock over head, rock squats with rock over head x 5, walk back down with rock over head,  curls x 5

Run to entrance – star jumps x 5

Run down greenway – bear crawl bridge

Run up greenway – lunge walk straight away (lunges x 20)

Run to tables – dips x 5, LBC x 5

Run back to parking log – Burpees x 5

Rinse and repeat 2 more times going up by 5 reps (thank VHS) each time for 3 laps (1.5 miles).

Rock curls x 20, rock squats x 20, rock press x 20.

Mosey to the wall by the picnic tables

Peoples chair x 10, BTTW x 10, peoples chair x 10, BTTW x 10


LBC x 20, Freddie Mercury x 20, homer to marge x 20, 6 in leg hold 10 count around the horn….done.

Announcements: see f3raleigh website. lots of them

prayer requests: Overdraft sister-in-law

CDC took us out.


  • Circuits were big this week so I thought it would be fitting to finish up the week this way. I was gassed after 2 laps. Still recovering from Mon-Tues
  • Grady always sets the alarm off before the workout (i.e. drops the boys at the pool)
  • Superstar is a superstar
  • CDC actually showed up
  • Papercut was missing today. Not like him….

Always a pleasure.