(posted by Burt)

8 PAX hit the gloom at Danger Zone this am with a Burt and Saban on the Q.   The temp was ideal and Burt delivered a Sad Clown Special…the AB Circle Pro…complete with a false advertising class action suit check for $29 taped to the bottom.  Sometimes you just have to mix it up.  There is something cool about having the AB Circle Pro in the Circle with the Q.

The Warm Up (Burt)

SSH, SSH w/some extra stuff, Saban does the AB Circle Pro, Mountain Climbers, Ollie does the AB Circle Pro, IW, Rip Does the AB Circle Pro, Good Mornings,  Sir Fazio Arm Circles, SFAC with mummy kicks


Indian Run (with 3 jump knee tucks by the pax in the back) to the trail.  partner up….P1 runs hill w/ 10 Merkins at top.  P2 plank jacks,  repeato with Merkins and squats and the Merkins and ski abs.  Run to shelter area for Jack Webb with a 4 arm multiplier. Counts up to 6 and skip to 10 and then back to 5.

Q baton handed to Saban.

mary interlude…with: LBC, low slow flutters, Merican hammers, Rosalia, boat/canoe, dieimg coach roach.

set of planks with alternating down to elbows with hands alternating hands touching shoulders…. 20 count. 6

run basketball court.  P1 suicides.  P2 durkins, irkins and dips.   3 rounds.

head to parking lot for a beast round….first stop…6 ww2 sit-ups, second stop 6 Burbees, third 6 I forgets,

fourth 6 Burbees, 5th WW2 sit-ups, and last 6 whatchamacallits


fun time this am….the AB circle will be back.  f3 is better in the 30s.  Love the cold.

prayers were raised and Saban took us out.