Another perfect morning drew a core group of 12 veteran Crucible regulars. Plus, YHC. I arrived a few minutes early to plant the flag and take quick stock of the AO. I am not a Crucible regular, but I do love this site. There are so many options; soccer field, baseball field, tennis courts, shelter, playground, track, and that beast known as Rangecrest. But we skipped them all and just circled up.

Jog around park to the rock pile. Slight missed turn gave us a little BRR experience down the street, but did not take us off task. Grab a rock, continue running, now with rock, around the park and circle up in grass in the middle of the drop-off area.

Warm Up
SSH x25
Windmills x15
Good Mornings x15
Mtn Climbers x20
Plank Jacks x20
Lunge Walk away from circle 15 paces and back

Circle of Pain (Round 1)
Curls x10
Overhead Press x10
Rows x10
Repeat above x3
Bear Crawl away from circle 25 paces and back

Circle of Pain (Round 2)
Each Pax calls an exercise, then runs around the circle twice. When they return, the next man goes. AMRAP exercises included: Prison Cell Merkin Burpees, Diamonds on your Rock, Squats, Triceps Extension, Squat & Press, Mtn Climbers, Extended Arm Rock Hold, Squat Jump w/ Rock, LBCs, Monkey Humpers, and three more things I’ve blocked from my memory.
Crab Walk away from circle 25 paces and back

Circle of Pain (Round 3)
Alternating Flutters & Hammers x10 around circle with rocks with each Pax calling cadence. Switch halfway to Merkins & Dying Cockroaches. 10 Burpees OYO.
Bear Crawl away from circle 30 paces and back.

Well, that went fast. Return rocks, running back around the park the way we came. The long way. Oh look, a fence. People’s Chair while we wait for everyone to gather. BTW x20

Alternating Plank/Chillcut x10 count each Pax
Freddie Mercury’s x30

Count-off & Name-o-rama
Announcements: 2nd F Social this Thursday at Big Boss. Optional run at 1700. Official start at 1800.
Prayers for Pinkslip’s son and those dealing with challenges mentioned and unmentioned.

On my way home today, I reflected on my decision to stay in one spot for most of the workout. And the quote “The grass is always greener, where you water it.” came to mind. Usually I’m looking all around at the different places we could go and trying to fit them all in. Over to the hill, back to the court, stop at the rocks, back to the field, etc. But today, we just circled up. We didn’t go anywhere. We made improvements where we were, with what we had. Sometimes you just need to circle up. And water the grass. Whoa.

Thanks for letting me lead.